There was always a taller boy through whom I was behaving backwards. As a reminder, the first one insulted me in the gymnasium dressing room and won our clash in the fiery competition. I was responsible for the fire and felt my own futility for months. I only got my revenge on the school sleigh ride. When the Taller One broke his legs, I felt free. I went to a school where a special unit was. There, repeatedly manipulated by my fellows, I beat another taller boy with a rope, and to my disadvantage – he was handicapped. I went back to my original school, where I started from next vulgar adventure. Another taller boy hung up condoms in the bathroom. Some shithead recommended me as a snitch. I had been beaten and severely insulted and I immediately decided to take revenge. So, I hit taller boy with a brick straight in the head and I was sent to reformatory by a fucking schools inspector.

A terrible thing happened there: I pushed a girl, a machine pulled her in. Her entire head was scalped. I disinfected it with methanol. She's blinded all over. After that, I was conscripted into a military unit, but I couldn't touch weapons myself. I had to clean and cook all the time. Absolutely nothing could have been wasted there. I also participated in swimming pool exercises, where cleaning filters was extremely important. There was a corporal who liked night swimming. A tall man dived wonderfully, too.

One day, I was cleaning up right out of the pass. I used all my handkerchiefs to wash the filters. Distracted, I forgot about the casing, which unfortunately had tragic consequences. Corporal came in that night to swim as usual. In the meantime, I was starting to wash dishes. Suddenly, the whole unit heard screams. My plates fell off, everyone heard the crackles. The privates ran to the pool. The view that awaited them would faint every time. Our corporal was sucked up to the filter with his ass. The water around him became rusty-coloured. One soldier ran downstairs to turn off the pump, and two others heroically jumped into the water. The corporal was pulled out when the pump slowed down. I won't forget how the streak of blood was writhing behind him.

Corporal's been seriously injured internally. That was the kind of thing that wasn't in the worst horror movies. The man's intestines were almost sucked out. They tried to sew them together all night long, but the corporal died at sunrise. Hardly anyone would wish for such an end. It wasn't a good procedure, that enema. It was my fault and the filter cover. The case against me was brought by chairman Jan Mitek - a judge who only cared about belongings. To my parents' despair, I was sentenced to death and executed immediately. I closed my eyes and the bullets fired and my body split instantly. I was in the dark. I saw the light in the tunnel. I thought there'd be women in the brothel, but to my despair, he was there: The Taller One I've been acting backwards because of. And then my miserable life was over. The Taller One with a smile absorbed me into his world. I saw that everyone in that universe was flying. It had to be one of the hellish circles, and the Taller One in itself had to be one of the devils. He showed me pictures: how he knocked me down in the dressing room, how I burned down the basement, how he ruffled me in the classroom. I also saw my later victims: a hairless girl and other nightmares. There was also a corporal with a hanging intestine, one with a broken head and one I beat. Everybody grabbed me. I started screaming loudly. Then suddenly I felt like somebody was stabbing me hard. I found myself in the classroom next to Franek. So, I dreamt about the whole story and the four previous ones! What a strange case! I wasn't applauded for my attitude. Sleeping in class was noted in the journal and as a punishment I could not go to the toilet anymore. I stayed far away from the Taller One. We didn't know which one of us would be a cripple…