There was always a taller boy through whom I was behaving backwards. As a reminder, the first one insulted me in the gymnasium dressing room and won our clash in the fiery competition. I was responsible for the fire and felt my own futility for months. I only got my revenge on the school sleigh ride. When the Taller One broke his legs, I felt free. I went to a school where a special unit was. There, repeatedly manipulated by my fellows, I beat another taller boy with a rope, and to my disadvantage – he was handicapped. I went back to my original school, where I started from next vulgar adventure. Another taller boy hung up condoms in the bathroom. Some shithead recommended me as a snitch. I had been beaten and severely insulted and I immediately decided to take revenge. So, I hit taller boy with a brick straight in the head and I was sent to reformatory by a fucking schools inspector. A terrible thing happened there: I pushed a girl, a machine pulled her in. Her entire head was scalped. I disinfected it with methanol. She's blinded all over. A decision was made to send me into the army. My main job there was to clean up. I didn't take care of a filter casing once. A miserable corporal died with his ass sucked in. Afterwards, I was ordered to be shot immediately. I woke up in class, where I was fucked up. Everything from the sleigh ride turned out to be my dream. But I still had to face the Taller Evil. I had a fight with him during the school camp and pushed him into a hot campfire. I had to start earning his pension. I didn't want to quit school, though. So, I worked on a railroad as a guard. But I behaved worse than a godless man. A hooligan was supposed to wash away an inscription made. I tied him up. Then the wagons started to move. The guy became a cripple, and I got fired. I had to find something so I wouldn't be like beggars. It was decided, that I should try working in a warehouse. Unfortunately, I abandoned the health and safety regulations and again led to an accident. A forklift truck fell on my companion and I had to change the situation again.

So far, however, I have returned to school. I was eagerly pursuing my new semester. A new geography teacher appeared and immediately gave us a mafia government. The professor was from the Soviet Union, but who was the Soviet and his legacy? It was necessary to get to know continents and countries, obligatory for school society. Everyone was supposed to rent a historic globe. Learn and bring. That's what the nutcase said. Every pupil had to kneel down before the globe and point out the right places with a fast motion. To those who learned, he gave lemonade, and to those who didn't, he gave beating with a stick. Asking questions, he used various tricks: one had to indicate the Alps when he was jodeling, the Soviet Union when he was pouring vodka, Germany or Poland from the future when he was showing Sieg Heil salute and Thailand when he was masturbating. Is it possible that our professor was a globetrotter? Maybe he was running away on a journey from a woman who wasn't there? At least that's what the senior grades used to say. That the globe is very precious, the voices went out. Step by step, so I was carrying a globe home. But fate made me drop it. A block from a house, the Taller One from behind a corner grew. He didn't want me to report the whole globe home. He gave me a leg. I flew as long as I could. I saw that the globe was soon to become a second. Really, though, it broke into two halves. The damage dimension was very unusual. Between the hemispheres there was a lamp and cables. I thought of the Taller One. Let him go to the devil! At home I taped the globe with adhesive tape and checked the light bulb three times.

It's been a week and it was time for my answer. The professor saw the damage before I started confessing. I was hoping to save the situation and tried to get a plug in a socket, but the globe didn't light up. The dark smoke has burst. Teacher squealed and breathed a few times. Then he started biting his long fingers. He was screaming that youth fingers were in the middle of all this. Then he left the classroom breathing heavily and went to hospital with suspicion. The management accused me of destroying property. I was also accused of causing damage.

I was pretty distracted at work that night. There must be more volumes of this story. I was helping a girl next to the ironing room. They've got me killed by the pusher majors as soon as they can. I wrongly pressed the 'Start' button too early and it ended up painfully for the girl. The machine, along with the canvas, pulled her hand in. Behind my back I heard a loud anguish. The ironing machine was swallowing the girl's hand, crushing and cooking alternately. I ran out scared and pressed the 'Stop' button. I reflexively took a cloth and a mop in my hand. Already released, she stood there with her hand jagged. Despite the steam bubbles, her face was fierce.

I received a message on the upcoming holiday that I had been excluded from work for some time.