Hi, this is my first ever fanfiction so im sorry for any mistakes. please read. hope you enjoy!

We are told that the mad are locked away. That we are safe from their lies. That they cannot hurt us. Or themselves. But that is a lie. The mad know it is a lie and they laugh. They laugh because they are not mad. They are sane. They laugh because the sane are mad and the mad are sane. The mad think the sane are mad because the sane know the truth . They laugh. They are different. This is not allowed. So they are mad. The mad think that madness is like an illness that creeps up on you unawares. That can be cured, most of time. The sane know that this is not true. The sane know that you know when madness is coming. Madness is a raving beast that chases you. Madness watches you lie awake, scared that it will get you. Madness makes you avoid your friends and family so it does not get them too. Madness is clever. The mad think that Madness is stupid. That it doesn't know right to wrong. They are wrong. Madness knows. Madness knows what it is doing. You do not know. You do not know that Madness wants to isolate you; so that when you run into the darkness, you embrace it with open arms. And the darkness embraces you. You do not know that Darkness is Madness and Madness is Darkness. They trap you in a web of lies and make you see. The mad do not know this. The sane know and they cry. The mad do not cry. They don't know. The sane cry because they know that Madness is the fear of being mad.