Scarecrow, scarecrow, what is it t06-06

Scarecrow, scarecrow, what is it, that you see?

Why are you fixated on the shore, where the crows flee?

There is a golden field in front of you, yet you don't lay.

Just how can you resist their temptation, or the sun's sleepy rays?


Scarecrow, scarecrow, how are you not cold, my dear?

You're dressed in those rags, while the autumn's wheel steers.

The melodious wind teeters through your limbs joyfully,

Like to your own child you smile soulfully...


Scarecrow, scarecrow, how long have you been waiting all alone?

Hadn't your master came to greet you from the shore?

Why don't you demand to be loved, dismissing our worries?

You guarded these fields through hundreds of stories.


Scarecrow, scarecrow, why are you leaning to my side?

Have your cold demeanior finally melted from sight?

Or is it because your axis has rotten to retire?

Your limbs point to the earth, the sky - make a decision, sire!


Scarecrow, scarecrow, why don't you glance at me?

I just want a final look, before the leave.

I can't lose you now, you still have to utter!

You still have to pledge your love, before our final supper.


Scarecrow, scarecrow, say your will for the last time.

Do you recall the promise? The faith? Now they are grime,

Spat on the earth, fertilising the meadow,

Since the very day, you turned to a wooden scarecrow...