A/N- Now for something a little more "slice of life"

1- The Start of a Long Weekend

Morgana shut her locker, pulling out a black jacket.

Beside her, a couple of teenage girls were talking.

Morgana walked out the door, headed towards the parking lot.

Another set of footsteps rushed towards her. She whirled around to find a dark-haired pale girl.

"Prudence? They sent you here too?"

The little girl nodded. She adjusted her uniform tie. "How'd you not know?"

Morgana gave a sigh. "I have a lot of things on my mind." A bus pulled up beside the fountain. A buff merman held a conch trumpet to his lips. The water spilled forth from the trumpet. Morgana walked to the bus. She pulled her pass out of her pocket and showed it to the driver. Prudence did the same.

The sisters found a spot near the front of the bus. Morgana pulled a book out of her bag. Prudence just stared out the window.

The bus filled up.

"What do you think Mom will make for dinner?" Prudence asked.

Morgana sighed. "Probably something she got from the butcher's shop."

The bus pulled away from Mount Bethel Academy.

Morgana and Prudence felt the bus jolt to a stop.

"All right," the bus driver, a stocky man in a blue uniform, said. "Poplar Lane stop." The sisters got off the bus.

The old asylum was straight ahead. Morgana muttered something about living in a loony bin.

One of her father's friends stood by the wrought iron gates. Prudence ran up and hugged the man.

"Uncle Danny!" she said.

Danny was a stocky man with a noticeable underbite. "How was school, you two?"

"Boring," Morgana sighed.

"It was great!" Prudence said. The two walked to their apartment.

Morgana slid inside her room and turned the TV on.

"And in local news..." Morgana grabbed the remote and turned it to a music station.

Her gaze darted to the clock. "Mom should be coming home soon."

She heard Prudence turn on the TV in her room and shuddered.

A figure slipped through the apartment door and walked to the bathroom.

"Mom's home," Morgana said.

Morgana walked down the hall to the kitchen. A bag of the most delicious-looking meat lay on the counter. "Tonight's dinner?"

The bathroom door was open. Mrs. Franklin stood in front of the mirror. Her work uniform lay in a pile on the floor. Her human facade slowly dropped. Instead of a blonde beauty, she was a hideous pale creature with stringy white hair. Her eyes were pure white. Mrs. Franklin left the bathroom, carrying her dirty clothes.

She had changed into a simple blue dress and matching shoes.

"Oh, Morgana, could you wait here?" Mrs. Franklin asked.

Morgana paused. "Uh, yeah."

"I have to ask Jessamine from next door to wash something. And Gideon will be home in a little while. Make sure he does his homework." Mrs. Franklin left the apartment.