2- Family Dinner

The apartment door opened and an eight-year old boy dashed in.

Gideon. Morgana thought. She walked down the hall.

"Where's Mom?" he asked.

"She and Aunt Jessamine are doing laundry," Morgana said. "She'll be back in a little while."

Gideon shuffled to the kitchen. He pulled a sheet of paper out of his bag.

Morgana smiled. "He's doing his homework," she said.

She walked down the hall. Across from her room was her parents' room. She crept closer. Black curtains covered the window. The furnishings were of similar color. Prints of black-and-white horror movie posters were dotted on the walls.

Gideon put the paper back in his bag before walking to his room.

Morgana slipped back into her room and picked up a book.

The door opened. Mrs. Franklin walked back into the apartment, carrying a basket of clean clothes. She walked to the master bedroom and set the basket on the floor.

Morgana's gaze flickered to the digital clock on her dresser. 3:55.

The apartment door opened once more. A pale, dark haired man shambled in.

"Dad's home?" Morgana asked herself.

"Morty, darling!" Mrs. Franklin said. The two embraced in the hall. "How was work?"

The man smiled. "It went well. Everything's ready for opening day." He walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water.

"That's tomorrow, isn't it?" Mrs. Franklin asked.

Dr. Franklin nodded. He opened the bottle and took a gulp.

"Just rest a while, dear," Mrs. Franklin said. "Dinner shouldn't take too long to get ready."

Dr. Franklin walked to the living room and sat down on the couch.

The clock on Morgana's dresser read 5:30. "Dinner time!" Mrs. Franklin called out.

Morgana shoved a bookmark in the book and walked to the kitchen. The table was set. A plate and a cup of water lay at each setting.

The Franklin children took their seats. Dr. Franklin took the knife and fork. He carved a slice off it and slipped it onto Morgana's plate.

"Greatest part of this? I didn't have to cook." Mrs. Franklin said. She took her spot beside her husband.

Dr. Franklin gave a slight laugh.

Morgana picked up her fork and cut a piece of meat. She raised it to her lips and chewed. "Where'd you get this?" She asked.

"I wasn't going to let a pork loin go to waste, so my boss let me take it home," Mrs. Franklin replied.

Gideon picked up the slice of meat with his hands and tore at it with his teeth. He stopped once he realized both parents were staring at him.