Turtle and Kat are backkkk...

Starting out like any other day at Tamini Academy, Lilibeth made her way into her dorm room to see her roommates. They were in quite the "decent roommates" mood with Starla and Matcha both on their respective beds and Topaz on the sofa blowing up balloons. Lilibeth started to cringe at Topaz's actions and quickly asked "So what's all this for?".

The young blonde-haired girl looked up to reveal her blue and pink eyes and replied to Lilibeth's question with "Why it's for a party silly". Lilibeth cringed even more and looked over to Starla, who quickly fell off the bed shortly after Lilibeth shot the glance at her. Lilibeth looked back at Topaz as Starla asked "What's the party for?"

Topaz flicked her hair back to look at Starla and said "For the start of the school year, duh. I mean, come on,obviously I'm a Sagittarius". Lilibeth paused for a moment, staring at Topaz. She had not been told about any party that Topaz was hosting and felt like her privacy was intruded. Starla climbed back into bed but was in a bit of a daze.

Lilibeth was furious yet curious about this party so she asked "And where is this being held, might I ask".

"Right here dummy" Topaz giggled. Here? Surely nobody had agreed to this. Why would Topaz throw a party here of all places?

Matcha groaned at the reveal of the party venue. She sat up, throwing her headphones and tablet onto the duvet and crossed her arms like a child. "Why would you throw it here? I was going to watch anime tonight." she whined. This caused Lilibeth to join the protest.

"Okay, obviously nobody agreed to this. I certainly know Starla and I never agreed to this especially since we all share a dorm. Right Starla?" she sighed.

Starla shrugged and said "Honestly I don't care if there's a party in this dorm. As long as it has food, I'm happy."

Lilibeth looked angrily at Starla and growled "Dammit Star, help me out here!". She looked back at Topaz and continued "Anyway, so do you think you could...I don't know, have the party somewhere else?". Seeing as nobody else was helping, Matcha stood up and declared "In honor of me watching anime until midnight as I had planned, I shall defend Lilibeth's proposal of moving the party elsewhere!".

Lilibeth looked over at Matcha "Thank you Matcha! Therefore, two of us don't agree with this party so you have to move it".

Topaz was intrigued by this request but an idea suddenly popped into her head. "How about I move the party...BUT one...no...TWO of you have to come with me?" she chuckled.

Matcha immediately replied to the request with a "NOT ME!"

Starla didn't care much about the party but asked about the one thing she hoped was at the party, food.

"You bet there's gonna be a ton of food at this party. Since Matcha already denied the invite, you and the red head will be my chaperones" Topaz giggled.

Starla started to get excited about the party and daydreamed about what food was going to be present. Lilibeth, on the other hand, was quite annoyed at Topaz's comment. "I'm sorry. Me and Starla are going to be your what?" she snarled.

"I'm sorry, do you actually want to go to this party? Or perhaps my choice of words was poor. I thought chaperones normally are people who join others on trips or to parties but don't actually want to be there." Topaz said jokingly while Matcha was playfully poking the dazed Starla.

"You and Starla can go but leave me out of it. Seriously, make me go sis. Try me." Lilibeth snarled.

"With pleasure." Topaz said as a sinister smile grew across her face. She began to muster up enough magic to wrap chains around Lilibeth and was just about to shoot when Matcha quickly interrupted.

"I don't think fighting during the first week is a good idea. Instead, let's try this, I'll go to the party with Starla and Topaz, bring someone home for me and Lilibeth to hang out with and then it'll be as if we all went to the party. So what do you guys think about that?" She explained while anxiously fiddling her fingers at the idea of being in between two angry women, one ready to punch and the other ready to chain the first.

Topaz was quick to calm down and said "That sounds great Matcha. I don't have a problem with that? What about you red head?". Matcha looked at Lilibeth with an almost begging look in her violet eyes.

Lilibeth sighed "Fine, whatever." and heard Matcha immediately let a cheer as she headed back to her bed to go on her tablet.

Meanwhile, in the men's dorm of 176...

"So there's a party tonight. Gay and I are going and honestly, after your meltdown yesterday, I don't trust you alone in this dorm." Sky explained to Cinder, who was sitting on his bed, fiddling with his hair. Cinder stopped playing with his hair and gave Sky a death glare. Cinder was the type to not even let his parents tell him what to do never mind someone his age.

"What are you guys now? My gay parents? I ain't going to any parties" He stated stubbornly, the death glare still on his face.

"Please. What happens if those guys come back? The walls here are much thinner than in that restaurant. They stole your dorm key and I don't want to take any chances. I want you to come because you're my friend and I care about you. Can you come, for the sake of your health and the health of the others around you, please?" Sky said. He put a tear in his eye to make his begging obvious. Cinder rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Fine but no more acting like my gay parents. Speaking of gay, Gay, are you seriously so stereotypical to the point where you're giving yourself a manicure?" Cinder groaned, getting out of his bed.

"It has the word 'man' right in the name" Gay chuckled as he put the nail polish brush back into the bottle and closed the lid tight. Cinder let out another sigh as Sky cheered "This will be so much more fun with both of you at this party".

And fun that party would be.