Wind blew over the tall spruce forest as night set in. Stars blinked in the cloudless sky welcoming the new moon. In the shadows of the trees two figures moved, dressed in black- blending in to the night. They stopped, listening but the only sound was that of an owl that awoken for the night hunt.

"I think we're clear" said the taller woman.

Her white hair shining out from under the hood.

"We should keep going, in case they comeback" the younger one said.

"Let's set up camp, they won't go this far into the woods. "the older one said.

" Then we can train some more" the younger said .

"We'll see about that."

The young woman removed the hood, revealing half black and half white on the left side and silver spider on black leather choker around her neck. Taking out a bundle of wood from the back pack , for such occasion where wood was unavailable or there was no time to gather it. Placing the wood on a patch of land cleared of any plants, she held her hand over it and a small fire appeared in her palm. The wood ignited giving of light and warmth.

The other woman stood still, eyes closed and hands put together in front of her chest. The air around her rippled and she rose of the ground a little, then she separated her hands and between them was a bubble of golden light. It grew and encircled their camp; to anyone who looked it would be a dark forest with no camp insight.

"I still can't do that very well" the younger woman said.

"You didn't have as much time as I did to master it."

"I know- We don't have much time."

The older woman sat down next to the fire, looking into the bits of sky that could be seen thought the trees

"Can we train some more, after dinner?"

"Gvera, sit with me for a bit."

The young woman silently obeyed.

"You know, it was a night just like this" the woman said still looking at the sky.

"Mother?" Gvera looked at the woman uncertain, and then looked at the sky as if it held the answer.

"You were three years old, and the three of us went to watch the star shower "

The Brown Weasel clan was in the east of Midland , where the valleys between the hills were full of lakes. It was late August, a time when stars usually start falling. Maldeus, who had recently, became the leader of the clan was happily walking with his young daughter , holding her by the hand. The other hand of the girl safely held by her mother Elvira as little Gvera walked in the middle. They sat down on the grass, looking towards the sky.

"When you see a falling star, make a wish and it will come true" Maldeus whispered to his daughter.

Elvira sat down beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder. A star blinked and flew across the sky, then another followed and another. one by one they filled the sky with bright golden lines.

"Did you make a wish?" Elvira asked

"I have a wonderful wife, an adorable daughter – I dare say I'm the happiest man in the world. "

She laughed, giving him a smile then leaned in to his him. He embraced her, pulling her closer.

Elvira felt a chill run down her back and pulled away. There was a look of surprise on Maldeus's face but seeing her look so scared he turned serious.

"where's Gvera?" she said looking around.

The both jumped their feet- the girl was nowhere in sight.

"The lake!" Elvira began running downhill towards the black lake below.

There was a shift of energy and something moved at her from the dark. Two death creatures, two necromorphs. Black skin blending with the darkness of the night, mouths open and ready to spit fire. Channeling her energy she made white strings stretch from her fingers and wrap around the first one – each string around one of its four limbs and the head- pulling them at different direction. The creature howled in pain and burned away. Elvira dodged the second one by dropping to the ground and sliding down on the slippery grass. Focusing energy in her palm she aimed at the creature who turned around and was in a mad dash after her. An orb of white light appeared in her palm and shot at the death creature. It got hit straight in the face and evaporated. These creatures were nowhere near enough to kill Elvira. No, she realized – they were just a distraction.

Looking up at the top of the hill she saw flashes of light and fire. Getting up she ran back, finding Maldeus on the ground motionless and noticing riders in black hoods on skeletal horses. One of them seemed to be holding something that looked like a black bundle, but it seemed to be moving around.

"Gvera!" she called out.

The riders noticed her and sped up. Leaning over to Maldeus she quickly checked to see if he was alive. He was, and seemingly uninjured- just unconscious.

Raising both hands into the air she drew the summon symbols for her angels. One shaped like a winged spear hear , the other like the arrow. Both symbols expanded until beings emerged from them. Alchades, the spear wielding armored angel turned to to her.

„ They took Gvera, Go!" She said to him.

The other angel was smaller in stature, female, wearing lighter armor and holding a bow.

„We'll be right behind you." Elvira said grabbing on to the angels back as it took flight.

„Sagitiel, can you sense them up ahead?"

„Yes i can, mistress. They are close. Nine of them." The female angel said.

Alchades had caught up to the riders tat the back. They had attempted to fight. Elvira flew past him, chasing the others.

„I have them in my sight. „ the angel said.

„Wait, we need to know who had my daughter."

The riders were heading towards the forest.

„The forest, shoot the trees to cut them off once they get inside." Elvira commanded.

As the riders were about to reach the cover of the trees Sagitiel's bow glowed with energy and six light arrows shot forward. The trees collapsed and blocked the path. Several horses dropped their riders, frightened of the sudden lights and noises. Elvira was closing in on the group when another group riders came out of the woods. They weren't riding horses but wolf like beasts with tails of lizards. The other riders surrounded the group, forming a protective circle and launched several energy attacks at her. Elvira barely had time form a protect shield out black strings, as one attack nearly hit her shoulder. The angel moved to the side, away from the incoming attacks. By the time they turned around the riders were gone.

Cursing under her breath Elvira got down. The Angel could not fly in a dense forest. She dismissed her and put her hand on one of the skeletal horses that had stopped moving because it's master was gone. Reanimating it she followed suit, but the werewolves were faster than any horse and could see in the dark with no light. Their was already growing cold as a desperate Elvira charge blindly in to the dark woods.

Gvera was scared and confused and more than anything wanted her mom and dad. A man was holding her, she didn't know him. He had his hand over her mouth. The toddler struggled. Everything was shaking as the creatures dashed thought the woods, sometimes running on the ground and sometimes swinging on the branches. The whole moving around was making her feel sick and the leather glove smelled bad and it was almost suffocating because she tried to cry but couldn't. And so, she bit the man, as hard as she could and kicked her little legs against his. In surprise the man pulled hos hand away. Gvera lost balance and fell to the ground as the werewolf jumped up. It hurt and she wanted to cry, and she did but silently as hot tears fell from her face. It was dark, everything hurt, she was tired .

She heard a noise in the trees as the riders turned back for her. Getting up on her tiny legs she tried to run, but tripped in the dark and fell. She would have started crying again, except sh never stopped. She wanted to go home, she wanted to see where was going, she wanted for the bad men and scary monsters to leave her alone. The figures aproached her and she drew back, crawling backwards until she hit a tree.

„Come here you little brat." The man commanded.

„I..want to go home" she said between sobs

„We are taking you home. To your real home – the Cross clan. The wench is not your real mother. She is evil, she took you from us. We are you'r family"

„No, you're lying.."

The man grabbed her by the wrist.

„No.. Get away from me!" She screamed as loud as she could.

Something changed, there was a light coming from the girls eyes. They were glowing with a white light that seemed to pour out of them and expand as she kept screaming. The girl collapsed to the ground, seemingly exhausted but the light remained. It began to take form of an entity with wings. It's face obscured by a hood, large wings lighting up the darkness as it stood protectively over the girl.

„That... impossible" one of the riders said.

„She is three years old." The other one exclaimed.

The angel rose her hand aiming it them and wave of energy hit them.

„Retreat!" the leader commanded

„But our orders?"

„Leave her."

Elvira was at the brink of despair when she saw a bright light in the distance. Quickly changing course she rode towards it. The woman had expected many things but what she saw, had surprised even her. Some trees were knocked over or broken in places. There between the fallen and broken trees was a clean circle and in it lay an unconscious Gvera. Standing over her and an angel that Elvira had never seen before.

Alchades and Sagitiel caught up to her, descending into the newly formed clearing from above.

„Do you know who this is?" Elvira asked

„No, mistress." Sagitiel said

„This one, I've never met."

„Who are you? Who sent out here?" Elvira asked

The angel did not reply.

„I am her mother" Elvira stated walking towards Gvera „let me thought."

The angel made no hostile movements,

Elvira picked up the unconscious toddler and tuned her to look at her face. That's when she noticed- there was a streak of white hair that hadn't been there before, on the left side.

„She called it." The woman realized. „Her powers must have awoken. This is bad."

She put the girl back down gently.

„ If her power are active, the Cross clan can track her. They will find us again. „

Clutching the spider on her choker Elvira closed her eyes. A golden shape of a woman appeared.

„Telura, i need you help." Elvira said.

„ Are you sure? She is powerful, it would be a waste."

„You have me, this my fight. I will not let you drag my child into this. I want her forget this night ever happened. Seal her powers and her memories. „

„You will need a physical item as part of the seal" Telura said.

„Then use this." Elvira took off he choker with the silver spider.

„Are you sure? Without it cannot protect you anymore." Telura said.

„I can protect myself. She can't. „

„What will you do? They will be able to sense you without my protection. „

„I will run. I'll leave Midland. Even the demons can't sense me across the ocean."

Telura gave her a questioning look.

„I won't give up the fight. I'll find alies. I will never stop fighting the Cross clan. You have my word."

„Alright, I'll do it."

Telura's spirit approached the angel.

„I'm sorry, you will not be needed anymore. Now sleep"

The angel began to shrink, until only a tiny orb of light remained and then even it vanished. Telura placed her hand on Gvera's forehead.

„She will be sad that you left her." She said looking at Elvira.

„No, i wan't you to erase all memories she had of me. Make it like i was never here. And my husband's to.I want them both to think that i left Midland years ago, that way they will be of no use to the Cross clan. „

Telura said nothing else. The glow from her palm surrounded the girls body and after a while it faded. Reaching her transparent hand into Gvera's chest Telura pulled out a silver orb of light that was attached to the girl by many thin white threads. Telura extended her free hand.

„The necklace."

Elvira placed it into her hand and put the silver orb and the silver spider together then put around the toddlers neck.

„It is done." She said.

Elvira said nothing, just took her sleeping daughter into her arms and got back on her horse.

Maldeus awoke on the soft grass by the lake, feeling confused and strangely sad. Then he remembered- he had taken his daughter Gvera to watch the star shower. Gvera was asleep next to him. He lovingly petted her head, then paused as he noticed the streak of white hair.

„Was it always there?" he didn't remember.

Then he felt something in his pocket. It was a letter.

Maldeus, i know it's been years. I won't ask you to forgive me, but please believe me. This is important. Our daughters life depends on you following these instructions. You know about my powers, there is a chance that Gvera has them too.

Do not allow her powers to awaken because they will put her in grave danger. I cannot give you details without putting you danger. First: never remove the necklace. Do not tell her about necromancy. Never tell her anything about me. Even teaching her magic might cause her to awaken her powers eventually so please, avoid teaching anything complicated.

Please keep her safe and yourself.


Maldeus did not remeber recieving this letter. For something that was supposed to be writin along time ago the ink seemed too fresh and so were the tears on the edge of it. After all this time- she had been here physicaly to deliver it. Putting herself in danger to warn him.

„I will keep her safe. I promise." He said to the letter, protectively wrapping an arm around the sleeping toddler.


Elvira snapped out of her thoughts looking at her daughter.

„It all worked out for the best i suppose" she said.

„I only wish that dad could be here."

„Me too. „ Elvira said pulling her into a hug.

Gvera got up.

„Let's eat. I want to get some training done before sleep."

„Right. We got a long road ahead. You can train on the boat, crossing the ocean will take about six months."

Gvera turned her head towards the ocean. Somewhere behind the forest trees was the coat. On the other side of the ocean was Midland and all her friends.

„I hope so" Gvera said" I need to get a lot stronger until then. „

„We still got a while before we leave. It should be spring by the time we arrive. „

„Spring. It's always beautiful in Midland that time of year." Gvera said

„We'll we won't have time to look around. Because spring next years is when we will launching an assault on the Cross Clan.