Chapter 3-The First Day

Following their memorable first night as whores, Annie and Megan were now officially members of the Black Widow family. The next morning, after waking up from their sex-induced slumber, the girls was met by Tanya, who gave them a big, congratulatory hug and ushered them to the baths.

To the surprise of the girls, they were met with loud cheers from all of the other girls there, welcoming them to the family as if they had achieved some life goal. It was perplexing to Annie and Megan to be treated so warmly in a whorehouse, though they didn't really know how whores acted around each other when not servicing customers. When not out seducing clients and acting all pretty and sensual, they acted like normal girls. It was a bit odd, really.

The daytime shifts at the brothel were slower, as most of the brothel's clients had day jobs and such. This gave Annie and Megan a chance to get better acquainted with their new coworkers.

"There's my money makers." Gawain smiled as she met with Annie and Megan in the dining hall. She looked at her two new whores like a proud mother congratulating her daughters on passing a major test with flying colors. "How are you two feeling this morning?"

"W-We're doing fine, ma'am." Annie stammered. She was still trying to process what she had done the night before. It was a bit hard to process.

"You may call me madam, Annie. Ma'am makes me feel a bit old." Gawain said. "I'm proud of you both for performing wonderfully last night. Most new girls are complete wrecks on their first night here, but you two got down to work without hesitation."

'Not like we have a choice. They manhandled us!' Megan thought.

"Now that we've gotten your trial run out of the way, we can get started on the more technical stuff. Cindy, come here, please!"

An older woman walked over to the brothel madam, and the girls took in her appearance. The woman was of course beautiful, though her beauty lay in her athletic and slightly toned form, which was left mostly exposed by the dark indigo thigh high shorts, orange bra and yellow midriff top and thigh high stockings with boots. She had a slightly tan complexion one gets from working out in the sun for too long and short sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"Howdy, boss. What'cha need?" The woman asked with a smile that just came naturally to her. She also had a strong country accent that seemed to make her more attractive.

"Cindy, these are the new girls who just came here last night, Annie and Megan." Gawain looked at the girls. "Girls, this is Cindy. She'll be teaching you the ropes and showing you how things work around here."

"Well aren't you two the cutest things. It's rare seeing girls with exotic hair color like yours." Cindy gushed. "Welcome to the family!"

"Thanks," Megan smiled, feeling more at ease around Cindy already. "Nice to meet you too."

"Same here." Annie said.

"No need to be so formal, girls. We're all friends here." Cindy said brightly. Her bubbly attitude was doing a good job calming the girls down and Gawain smiled at this.

"I'll leave them to you care, Cindy. Try not to scare them off, will you?" Gawain said and left the girls alone to head upstairs.

Now that the reins were given to Cindy, she turned to the two girls and wrapped her arms around them. "Before we get started, how about I get you two something to eat first?"


To the surprise of Annie and Megan, breakfast was surprisingly fresh and well cooked. Eggs, bacon, toast, butter, the kind of food that you would expect from decently paid peasants to have instead of two novice whores. The girls were given their food straight from the kitchen and ate in the dining hall. After last night, the two were rightfully famished.

"I didn't expect to eat like this when I came here." Megan said after scarfing down her toast. It was odd not eating the modern food she was so used to, but it didn't make her breakfast taste any different. "Uh, no offense."

"None taken, hon. The boss likes her girls to be well fed and in shape. So long as we do a good job, we've got hot food, sweet baths, and nice rooms all too ourselves," Cindy said. "Most of the time."

"I guess that's obvious given that the madam is the richest woman in the city." Annie said.

"Damn right she is! You won't find the best madam anywhere else in the kingdom." Cindy smiled. "Now after you're finished eating, we can get started on the tour. It's easy to get a bit turned around here since this place is almost as big as a noble's manor, so it's best that you know where go and where not to go. The boss lady doesn't like people poking around in places they're not supposed to be."

While not specifically said in a certain tone, the words themselves were ominous enough that Annie and Megan got the message. Don't walk into any no-go zones or risk having their souls destroyed or something. That's something to take note of.

'We really are fucked.' Annie thought. She didn't want to know what the madam did to girls who made her mad.

Unaware of Annie's thoughts, Cindy clapped her hands and smiled. "Now that you're done eating, let's get this show on the road before this place hits the lunch rush."


"Right here we have the bar area where our customers wait for their girls while having a drink or two. You'll spend your first week or so serving drinks to the guys here when you're not servicing clients." Cindy led the girls over to a large dining hall that had around three dozen tables and a bar on the far left side. At the back of the room was a large stage with a pole in the center. "The stage there is where we dance. Sometimes a guy just wants to lounge back and watch a girl slowly take it off without getting his dick wet…yet. Don't be too alarmed when one of the boys cops a feel. Groping's allowed, but nothing more than that."

"Will we have to dance up there?" Megan asked, feeling nervous at the idea. She was no dancer, and she certainly didn't have the physique to go stripping.

"All girls here are required to put some time into stripping, hon. But don't worry," Cindy gave the girls a wink. "I give lessons to newbies, so you're in good hands."

"That's…great." Annie said through gritted teeth.

Cindy led the girls throughout the brothel, and as they saw more of the place in the daytime, the more Annie and Megan were awestruck by how fancy and clean everything was. Hell, even the bodyguards were nice and polite! You'd think this was a noble's castle with how opulent everything was, were it not for the sounds of sex and scantily clad women prevalent from the first floor upwards.

"Oh and before I forget, sometimes the boss lady circulates the girls to some of the smaller shops in the city. You two might get a couple of shifts in the local strip clubs and massage parlors." Cindy told them.

"Massage parlors?" Mega squeaked. "We're going to have to give massages?"

"Full body massages, and they usually have happy endings that result in you getting a nice helping of jizz in your belly." The blonde woman smiled and patted the girls on the back. "Trust me, you girls will get the hang of it."

The rest of the tour didn't take very long, as the other two floors were just the rooms where the other girls lived and worked. The baths were akin to large bathhouses that could accommodate every whore in the building, and felt way too nice to be for a bunch of prostitutes. However, Cindy assured them that as long as they wore the mark of the Black Widow, no one would dare touch them.

"You know this place like the back of your hand." Annie said, sounding impressed. "Um, if you don't mind me asking, how did you get into this line of work?"

Cindy laughed a bit at Annie's question. "Never heard it asked so sweetly before…but I got into it after my folks got killed in a monster attack. Was raised by my grandpappy for a while in his blacksmiths shop, but when he died, I couldn't keep the place going by myself. So I sold it to one of his friends and became a city girl. I spent the next year making a living with these puppies," She hefted her ample chest and a grin. "Before I was scouted by the boss lady and recruited to the Black Widow. The rest is history."

"That's a pretty…ordinary story, really." Megan commented. Cindy chuckled.

"What? Were you expecting something more dark and gloomy? Sorry, Meg, but not everyone in the sex industry has a sad story." She said. "Most of the girls here are either working in the boss lady's sex empire because they need the money but don't have any other skills, they're nymphos looking to make money off of their obsession, or they want to support themselves without getting beaten down by men."

"How come the mistress made all of this anyway?" Annie asked. "I mean, besides the money, of course."

"Who knows? Maybe the boss lady's just another gal looking to make a profit selling sex. Whatever her reasons, she's damn good at it too." Cindy said. As they reached the end of the hall on the third floor, the girls stopped and Cindy turned to the fledgling whores. "That's it for the rooms. The final floor up top is where the boss lady lives and works. No one goes there without an invitation."

"No arguments from us." Annie said. After last night, she was just fine with not going anywhere near the madam's digs.

"With all that done, that's the end of the tour." Cindy said. "Feel free to do some exploring on your own. Mingle with the other girls a bit. Don't be afraid to let loose every once in a while."

"We'll keep that in mind, thanks." Annie smiled.

"Thank you." Megan said, giving a small smile of their own.

"Great. You two have the day to yourselves, but tonight, you'll be servicing clients again. Nothing major, just a couple of longtime customers who'll ease you into the process like last night." Cindy told them and walked off, drawing the girls' eyes to her swaying hips and tight ass. "Though I'm sure that you'll be fine now that you know what to expect."

Annie and Megan's cheeks turned red as they remembered the intense sex they had last night. Cindy chuckled and walked away with a wave over her shoulder.

"See ya later, girls. Don't be afraid to ask around if you don't know anything." Cindy said. "And welcome to the Black Widow!"


Elsewhere in the brothel, another one of the Black Widow's girls was hard at work servicing her client. She was a household name in the brothel, one of the establishment's best girls, and one of its longest running members too. This experienced whore was currently on her knees tending to her client's cock with skill that a woman could only use after years of experience.

This young woman's name was Xin. She was a beautiful, slender girl who hailed from the east. Her fair skin and short black hair that stopped just under her ears. Xin had been one of Madam Gawain's girls since she was fourteen, and had a long list of steady clients who were entranced by not just her exotic looks but also her exceptional skills. Skills she was doing a good job demonstrating at the moment.

"Gods," Her client gasped and shuddered as he felt the slick tightness of Xin's mouth around his shaft, an instant and powerful sensation sucking him down deep. "I thought the guys were just exaggerating about you, but you're—fuck—really good with your mouth!" He groaned, placing a hand on the back of the whore's head. Not to rush or make her move faster, just to feel her silky black hair against his fingertips as he encouraged her onward.

Xin paid him no mind. She just pushed down, taking the rest of his cock into her mouth swiftly, deepthroating him without any difficulty. She'd done it a million times after all; it was practically second nature to her by this point, and she was quickly working overtime, bobbing her head rapidly as her lips pressed against the thick, turgid shaft. She was as aggressive as could be, seizing the opportunity to really throw her all into the noble cause of pleasuring the sweaty boy and his above average cock.

She took it all the way down, planting kisses to his base as she gagged on it, refusing to let the constraints of her body stop her from giving her client exactly what he paid for. Each breath she took in was heavy with that same addictive scent of sweat, but now tinged by arousal and the scent of her own loins, only making it all the more potent and desirable. Since she first became a prostitute, she had come to treat this profession as just that, a job. But that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy it.

Her client, a young adventurer who hit a lucky break on one of his quests, moaned and squirmed in place as he stared in awe at the rapid motion of Xin's head, taking his cock down like a pro each time.

The tightness of her throat contracting around his length wasn't quite worth the blockage that ensued. The sides of her vision darkened a little, crackling black spots filling around the edges as she continued onward nonetheless, ready to swallow his cock until the very last second she possibly could. Her head buzzed and her body tingled with sensations she rode gladly, eyes wide as she continued to work with all the energy she had left. As long as she got this guy off, the work would all be worth it; the payoff swift and very, very amazing. Even if she was drooling a bit and her cheeks were going bright red.

As if someone flipped a switch within her, Xin's body froze and she came even ahead of her client, who couldn't believe the tightness that followed the amazing, intense, and frankly a little dangerous, facefucking that Xin gave herself. Her pussy gushed all over the floor, spraying messily as she simply rolled into the disaster needily, bucking her hips as she made a mess she was going to have to clean up when this was over.

Her client wasn't much further behind. Making sure she got all of his load, the boy pushed her head down until her lips were flush against his base, and Xin yelped and howled as the cum she coveted so much was instead shot straight down, splashing against the lining of her throat on its way to her stomach. She squirmed in post-orgasmic need and excitement.

When he let go, she slowly pulled her head off his cock, letting the thick rod slide out of her throat and pump out a few more globs of cum out into her mouth so that she could at least get a taste of his payload. He grunted once his cockhead popped free of her lips and he fell back onto her bed, panting from the violent orgasm he just had.

"Wow…" He gasped, his face sweaty and red. "That had to be…the best blowjob I've ever had."

Xin merely smiled, nosily swallowing the load she had in her mouth. If he had seen her on her knees, looking up sultrily while licking her lips clean of jizz, he surely would've become erect again and attempted to fuck her again.

But his time was up and he only had enough money to have her for an hour. Not that he could go any longer. It felt like the girl had drained his balls dry in one go!

Seeing that her client was done for the day, Xin stood up and grabbed her robe from the dresser, slipping the silk garment on before walking out of her room. It was the late afternoon when she walked out into the hallway, and the afternoon sunlight shone through the windows and brightened up the hallway significantly. Xin made her way to the stairs so she could catch a quick shower, but someone stopped her.

"Xin, what's up, girl!"

Xin rolled her eyes and looked back to see the curvy form of Tanya running over to her. The taller dark skinned girl was also clad in a silk robe that barely covered her large cleavage of her thick thighs, which were stained with cum leaking from her cunt.

"What do you want, Tanya? I just got done with a client and I need to clean up." Xin said.

"Just wanted to give you a heads up on the new girls we got last night." Tanya said. "Cindy's giving them a tour of the place and the others girls are meeting up with them."

"Great, more meat for the slaughterhouse. I wonder how long these girls will last." Xin drawled.

"Oh be nice, Xin. These girls lasted a night with Madam Gawain. I think they're legit this time." Tanya smiled. "They're names are Annie and Megan. You can't miss 'em; Annie's got pink hair and Megan's got blue hair."

"Where are they from?" Xin asked.

"Not from this kingdom, I can tell you that. Though I think only Madam Gawain knows where they came from." Tanya shrugged. "Does it matter?"

"No, and neither does those girls being here either." Xin said. "Now if you're done, can I go take a shower now? I still have a few more clients to service."

"Sure thing. Let me know if you need anything, sister." Tanya roughly slapped and groped Xin's ass under the hem of her short robe and strutted away, her thick ass jiggling enticingly.

Xin growled but calmed herself and headed downstairs. Annie and Megan, two more girls caught in Gawain's web. Oh well, they'll probably fade into obscurity after a month or two. Doesn't sound like they'll be any competition.

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