Well, most of my poems are probably dark.
I guess I just want to explain why.
To take a moment for in the reader to confide.
Here comes the best part.

My depression is like a tall roller-coaster.
It goes up and it goes down.
It goes forward and it goes round.
Really glad never hitting the ground.
And that my bath is far away from my toaster.

Times can be rough for someone that is in pain.
I try my best to continue moving forward.
Giving myself goals and ideas to move toward.
Trying not to stop and let my mind get bored.
Cause' when it stops, then I just want to hang.

At first it wasn't something I could really face.
The world was pushing on me and I had no voice.
I felt like my life wasn't my place or my choice.
Everything was echoing and it was just too much noise.
I wanted to jump in front of traffic with haste.

Then I found how to get a hold of the strife.
Someone gave me advice that I still hold onto today.
The darkness isn't a wall, it's made of clay.
If you feel it, then you have a say.
So I picked up a pen and put down the knife
And did my best to take back my life.