"Hello? Can you hear me?"

I blinked open my eyes, seeing a middle-aged man before me.

"Where..." I peeped, looking around, and seeing my metal body, "Where am I?"

"It's okay, Daniel, don't be afraid." the man said, and I saw I was in a lab with many tools, tubes and metal equipment.

"Who are you?" I asked, afraid.

"Call me dad..." the man said.

Suddenly flashes of memory rushed through my head, and I suddenly knew who he was.

Who I was.

"I remember..." I said, images flashing before me as I had grown sick and needed a new body, one that would never die.

"Yes, Daniel... yes,"

I looked at him, before looking at the small body of a boy beside me. I whispered.

"Dad... did I die?"

He gazed at me, dismayed.

"Yes, you did." He touched my metal hand, "... but you're alive now... son."

I stared at the dead boy, and gulped.

But in this robotic body, I felt no pain... I felt hope.