Jesse was raised an only child by a concerned almost overprotective Mom in a close-minded conservative town.

Knew he was gay since age 12. A good student, somewhat hesitant about being rebellious but loves to experience new things.

He's humble, shy, eager and loving.

One Fall Monday, Razor Van Winchester transferred to the local high school that is near from his condo unit and far away from his parents as well.

Some of the girls started to act like crazed fans as Razor walks on the halls to his classroom.

"Attention, students! " Jesse Gatehouse's homeroom teacher tries to caught the students attention.

"A new student will be arriving today, and I like you all too welcome him," the teacher said as the door opened and revealed a good looking guy with a muscular body.

Jesse looked up from his notebook, the new boy who walked in really was a feast for the eyes.

He almost missed licking up the bead of drool building up at the right corner of his mouth.

The dark, confident and deviant look the boy had swept away all the buttoned-up boring crap his hometown was known for.

Jesse took note of his strong features, his body twitching slightly in his seat at the stranger's handsomeness.

Razor stepped in front of the class and smiled falsely trying to be nice.

"Hi , I'm Razor Van Winchester. I'm quite new here as you guys know so I don't know the places here yet," he took a glance of the ginger skinny guy that is sitting at the back and winks.

Jesse nearly popped a boner from Razor's wink. He wasn't sure if the boy was being playful or really swung that way.

Gripping his pencil so hard, Jesse nearly broke it in half.

Against all reason, he hoped the kid would take the seat next to his.

"Everyone! hold your horses!" the teacher banged the table using his hand, silencing those who are noisy.

"Mr. Gatehouse , where is your seat mate there?" he said.

"Uh...he's not here today." Jesse answered coming out of his daydream.

Not knowing if karma or God was pulling the strings, but this day had just got more interesting.

All the girls eyes were on Jesse. They know what is gonna happen next.

"Then Winchester will seat besides you," the teacher declared as the girls moaned in frustration.

"Not fair!" one of the girls cried out.

Razor averted is eyes on Jesse. He then laughed at his mind.

Does this teacher really want me to sit next to that guy? Is this a joke?

He sighs in his mind and walks towards the guy at the back and sits besides him "Hi".

"Hi..." Jesse said smiling meekly. He hated being such an introvert and a gay one at that.

Heart rate beating like a ball down a staircase, Jesse held his hand out at the new kid. "I'm Jesse Gatehouse."

Razor look at the guys hand, thinking twice if he would shake hands with him but did it anyway.

"You probably know my name right?" Razor chuckles, "Would you tour me around the school over lunch?"

"Sure, no problem" Jesse said. He didn't really have any friends to speak of and this seemed like a good opportunity to possibly make one.

First period bell rang. "What class you got next?" Jesse asked.

"Calculus, how about you?" Razor asked waiting for Jesse's answer. "I do love numbers though" and he smiles.

"Same here," Jesse said while inside his nerves went off in fireworks.

Getting up from his seat, he jerked his finger at the back door, "C'mon I'll show you the way."

"Oh,that's good", he stands up and follows Jesse. Razor is at Jesse's back watching how the boy walks.

"Hey, is that really how you walk?" Razor asked, sounding a bit rude.

Jesse looked back, hoping his cheeks weren't blushing.

"How am I walking?" he asked, slowing down just a bit to catch Razor's capturing eyes.

Was he checking me out just now? His throat went dry, hoping this kid wouldn't turn out to be a bible-crazy homophobic nut job who would make his life Hell.