The sight of the ring made Jesse's heart do a 180. He dropped the plush doll onto the sidewalk, hands flying up to his mouth as he gasped in awe.

He was for real-he was really doing this and it was happening! Razor was proposing to him and on his birthday no less.

"Y-yes-YES!" Jesse squeaked before shouting out the answer, not giving a damn who heard or what they would think.

"Oh yes!" he knelt down to meet his boyfriend and brought his face towards his by his jacket. Puckering his lips until they joined together.

Razor's mind jump in joy after hearing Jesse's answer. He kissed Jesse back with full of love he put in it. Razor smiled through tears he cried in joy. He hope that no one would ruin this day. Breaking free from the kisses before he cupped both of Jesse's warm cheeks.

"Jesse .. my God I love you so fucking much" Razor whispered and putting the ring on Jesse's middle finger of his left hand.

"C'mon let's go tell my Mom. She'll sure wanna hear the good news." Jesse pulled Razor up to his feet and they continued on to the house.

The shining expression on her face when he'd show the ring to her.

"Mom!" Jesse called our. "We've got something to tell you!"

"Jesse?" Mrs. Gatehouse said coming down the stairs while yawning.

"Glad you both are here. Wanna eat dinner? I'll cook us some salmon fillets right now" she said sleepily.

"Mom, I've something to tell you. Look!" He showed the ring Razor had given him.

His pulse running high as he nearly thrust his hand towards her face.

At first his Mom thought it was just a normal ring until her eyes got a closer look. "Oh what a nice ring you got there!" Mrs. Gatehouse said before realizing that it was a wedding ring he had on.

"No way! is that for real?!" she asked as Razor chuckled.

"Yes Mom...and I said yes," Jesse replied breaking out in a gleeful smile.

He held his Mom by both arms as her mouth gaped astonished and burst out hooting and cheering.

Jesse's Mom yelled out and clapped her hands happily. "Jesse! uwaahhh... you.. you already are grown up!" she cheered with joyful tears running down her face.

"Hey you both, what about me? Can't I get a hug too?" Razor asked.

Jesse smirked as did his mother. Both walked up to him with their arms open and they enveloped the Bad Boy.

The warmth circulating all around as Mrs. Gathehouse kissed them both on the foreheads.

"Don't worry Mom, I'll always be your Good Boy," Jesse said without a sense of embarrassment.

The three embraced each other like any other family. "But Jesse what about your studies?" his mother asked worriedly.

" I'll handle it Mom, plus we're gonna get married after we graduate and start working," Razor said confidently while squeezing Jesse's ass without his mother knowing it.