Two boys in the orange farm. One of them with a green shirt, one with an indigo shirt. Eh, call them Greeny and Indy. Greeny and Indy worked their butts off to keep the orange farm from being the best acre of fruit in the land. Greeny had just left the fields farther from the farm to keep on working.

"Say, what you got there?" said Indy; noticing a round figure in Greeny's pocket.

"I found myself a heck of a coin. I was busy digging in the grass fields, looking for some gold to keep, when suddenly I found what looks like a half-cent!" said Greeny.

"A half-cent? What in the world is that?" said Indy.

"It's some coin thing people back in the very older days used for things and stuff. Why would they use a half-cent?"

"I don't know, but that thing can be worth millions!"

"Uhh, I'm pretty sure it's worth a half-cent."

"No, I'm telling you. It's so rare, some rich guy would buy it and we would all be rich!"

"Wow, I didn't know that!"

"C'mon, we need to find a rich guy in these parts!"

"Okay, but let's flip the coin first, I wanna see how dense it is."

"Knock yourself out, just don't lose the coin."

"If it lands on heads, we get a million bucks. If it lands on tails, we get a million bucks."

"Haha, that's a good one!"

Greeny flipped the coin high, but when it came down, it landed on its edge.

Indy laughed even harder, knowing that was a very rare occurrence.

Greeny picked up the coin, amazed, and he and Indy started running to places in the land, finding for someone to trade the coin away for cash. They were on a tall bridge on top of a lake. It was a very deep lake. Greeny started tap-dancing over the possibilities of what would come next. But the coin on his hand slipped and came out of his hand, diving into the lake. Greeny panicked and dived with the coin. Indy let out a giant gasp as Greeny dropped to the water. Greeny never learned how to swim, and Greeny tried his best to stay alive but failed. He eventually drowned, the coin was never found, and he died.

Indy collapsed on the bridge and cried. Heartbroken that his friend died for a coin, he left the land and never came back.

With Greeny flipping the coin and ignoring odds to land on the edge, it truly decided the fate of Greeny. Not on riches, but in life on the land.