There are no pictures on the screens or the floor

I still have time for whatever

We can still hear and feel and even think

But I say that we need more

I try to move another turn

It is still the same blankness

We can still feel and live

But the most of what matters is what we heard

Everything at once would be great

But we have one or the other

We can't just have both

We don't have to, but we will wait

We don't have to groan or sigh or complain

We can just stare and not care

Hey, we can still move

But we still should wait

What should we wait for

There is obviously more

But you can't have them all at once

You can't put it behind a door

We wait and we wait and it is now all here

Anything you can have

You are glad it is all here

You knew it would be near

You would never miss the blank

But you would never forget the all

There is nobody near to thank

Nor anybody here to thank

Stay as long as you make

It is up to you

You can leave now or later

Or maybe, just wait