Carmody 3

James Carmody

Professor Pepe

Acting 1.


John Rubenstein Characterization Chart for DMV Storyline.


Age: Not Clarified, but Roughly 30s to 40s.

Name: Not Specified, here "John Rubenstein".

Visible Scars/Body Marks: None Specified.

Weight: About 185 pounds.

Height: About 5 feet 7 or thereabouts.

Ethnicity/Race: None Specified, here: European, most likely.

Hair Color: probably brown.

Eye Color: likely hazel.

Skin Color: likely white to light tan.

Defects: Unknown, but there.

Sex: Male.

Posture: looks a bit 'tired', so slightly hunched over- but only slightly.

Heredity: most will be addressed in terms of his beliefs.

Appearance: everyday cloths: shirt, pants, shoes of the times of about early 21st Century, so cargo pants are likely, as are outside work shirt, possibly a jacket, wristwatch on his left wrist, carrying a folder and possibly a novel to pass the time waiting at the DMV for his ability to get his license, possibly a hat, depending on time of year and day- same with cloths. Potentially gloves too, or mittens.


Class: Probably middle-class, but not clear in the script.

Occupation: not clear, but possibly a book-keeper or business secretary according to context of character.

Education: At least High School Graduate. Not too clear on that detail, however.

Home Life: unclear, but probably not that far from ordinary.

Religion: unspecified, but judging from a term he used in anger; probably Jewish.

Race: Probably white- but totally irrelevant according to behavior.

Nationality: US Citizen- most likely.

Place in Community: Unclear, but probably somewhere in the middle.

Political Affiliation: Unspecified, and not all that relevant to the story, likely Conservative at core, however.

Amusement: probably reading, but not specified… likes being able to drive, though.


Sex Life/Moral Standards: again, not specified, but he's probably pretty much somewhere in the middle of the gamut of devotion to ethical behavior.

Personal Premise/Ambition: He wants to obtain his driver's license that he's earned- that's all we know about him right now in that regard.

Frustration/Disappointments: he gets pretty upset when he finds out that they goofed in the computer, probably placing his temporary license date and driving test date as the third of February 1894, when it was supposed to be 1994, earlier on than that he's just intensely curious about this oddity and just wants to find out what's going on. After this disaster unfolds, he's pretty berserk about the whole thing and wants the teller to lose her job!

Temperament: Seems pretty level-headed up until this exceedingly odd situation, and the outlandish suggestion from the teller that makes him think he's in the Twilight Zone or something- that's when he's had Enough!

Attitude towards Life: Not well described in the play, but likely "You get what you pay for, or there's trouble, otherwise, everything's hunky-dory." He feels he's been cheated out of a justified license, so he's pretty upset. The attitude of the DMV teller isn't helping him much either.

Complexes: Not mentioned, but he probably has his issues to deal with.

Extrovert/Introvert/Ambivert: Again, unknown, probably somewhere in the middle, and clearly a guy, so he's probably somewhat more "hands off" than a girl would be.

Abilities: knows how to drive a car, besides that, none really stand out from the average run-of-the-mill people. Not physically disabled so far as we know, and not mentally disabled either, so far as we know.

Qualities: limited patience, but it is there. Intelligent. Not much else is known. Focused, however.

IQ: I don't know how to rate this, but he appears roughly around average.