This is just the introduction for the main character so far. The plot is quite simple but it will kind of show readers his current situation and all the feelings he has pent up inside. This takes place in an alternate dimension of Earth that is very similar to our current reality but not quite. The story is also formatted in such a way where it has a rhythm and rhyme, like a poem. I wanted to play around with this style of writing and see how it is received from readers. If you guys hate it or love it, let me know so I can make changes for the next chapter.

It's 10-30 En Morne on a sunny, Sun Day. The Calendra? Ogustus 18, today. For the weather forecast this 2019 cycle, we have ourselves the good old daily recycle of the bright, beaming mornings here at Eastern Plains.

A young kinda-wealthy lad of Island Rains descent wakes up yawning, rubs his eyes of sleepy dust, looks outside the bedroom windows of his house and sees no rust, but clear blue skies at his Sun-Shine neighborhood.

"Right now, it just looks like an exceptionally good day to go out."

He turned his head to his lamp desk which lay, a pitch-black slab with a vibrant display; the side button was very carefully pushed in. His wavy jet-black hair complements his sweat tan skin and nightly irises. Closing his eyes for a few seconds, he exhales. Eyes open, he checks the news on his phone with the World Wide Web. As his regular routine, he normally locates articles on the Web that are:

"Pretty cool, pretty interesting, I've seen these all before."

And reads them one by one- swipe up, swipe more, but a handful of news articles prompted his concern. His curious young mind just couldn't discern the expression in his face which read trouble and disdain. He tried to stop clicking links- he couldn't refrain.

"Ugh.. more peeps making sure we'll never love? Has my kind been exiled from the heavens up above? Our people, their people, said that it gets better, but the only thing improving here's the flippin' weather!"

Tanner's only 23- he grew up on the islands, but now he lives here. Where, they say? The Sun-Shine Lands. He closes his phone, rests his head on his pillow. He closes his eyes and breathes out real mellow. He wishes for a world in which we didn't have to hate and that our love can have choices like the foods on our plates- and our colors, shapes, and sizes are accepted by each one.

"Hatred breeds hatred- it will kill everyone."

He thought to himself, as he seized again his phone. He checked the app Instaman and no longer felt alone. Happy boys, happy girls, happy couple photographs; pictures being shared all throughout our world maps. He dreams of his future partner whom he'll give much love. They'll share kisses and affections and cuddles right thereof.

"It's apps like this that make me no longer just wish to cry. This gives me hope that in the future, I will find the right guy."

Chapter End!