Chapter 5

Devin exited the house the following morning to fire up the motorcycle and head for work when he saw Miko waving at him from her yard. He trotted over to her.

"What's up?" He asked.

"You're playing hookie today," Miko giggled.


"I called Millie and got you taken off the schedule," she said.

Devin laughed. "You little rascal."

"I have plans," she explained.

"Are we going somewhere?"

"Yeah, to the bathhouse," Miko said. "Come on."

A confused Devin followed Miko into the house. She was wearing shorts a tee shirt and sandals. Her long dark hair was flowing down her back.

"I realized this morning that you haven't been through the whole house yet even after all this time," Miko said. "You've been here in the kitchen and in the den and you used the first floor bathroom a few times."

"Yeah," Devin said.

"Come see my bedroom," Miko invited, leading him to the cellar door.

"Your bedroom is down there?"

"It's not bad," she assured him as he followed her down the stairs.

Indeed, the cellar had been refurnished and remodeled with a large room that served as Miko's bedroom with thick carpet and colorful paint on the walls.

"I have to share it with the furnace, hot water heater, washer and dryer, but that's okay," Miko grinned as they stood in the middle of the pretty room. "Plus I have my own bathroom," she said, motioning toward the modern large bathroom through another door.

"It's very nice," Devin said. "Is that the bathhouse?" He asked, gesturing toward the bathroom.

"Hardly," Miko laughed. "Let me show you why my bedroom is in the cellar."

They left the bedroom and climbed the stairs to the first floor and then up the stairs to the second floor.

"The master bedroom, Milo said, opening the door to her parents' bedroom in the front of the house. "But my mother values her privacy," she added, closing the door before Devin got a good look. "Now let me show you our bathhouse, our Sento," she grinned, opening another door and Devin's mouth dropped open when he saw that the rest of the floor was taken by a huge bathroom that doubled as a bathhouse.

The room was open and wide and colorful, almost resembling a Japanese garden with greenery and bamboo plants that gave the room a peaceful natural feel. The back wall was mostly a glass sliding door out to a small balcony off the back of the house.

"It's a Japanese-style bathroom," Miko explained. "My father wanted to make sure my mother felt at home so he had this built for her when we first moved here."

"Wow," was all Devin could think to say.

"Dad wanted Mom to have a place where her mind is free to relax in simple lightning and a warm tub," Milo said. "In Japanese culture, the bathroom is a space for rest and rejuvenation, meant for enjoyment and not just efficiency and cleanliness. That's why you see that soaking tub for mediation and calm over there, away from the sink, shower and toilet."

"That's a big tub," Devin said.

"Did you notice the waterfall?" Miko asked. "Over there, built into the wall and counter top?"

"Wow," Devin said.

"And all the stone work? The neutral tones and clean lines? It's all to bring out the feeling of serenity and calm," Miko said.

"It's the most stunning room I've ever seen," Devin admitted.

"My father calls it the Zen place," Miko grinned.

"It's amazing," Devin remarked.

"So, are you ready to use the bathhouse?" Miko smirked.

"Are you parents gone?" Devin worried.

"All day," Miko giggled.

Without waiting for him to respond, Miko pulled her tee shirt off over her head to reveal her small pert breasts. And then her shorts were down her legs and she was kicking them off and she was naked.

"Have I changed since the last time?" She teased as she stood before him.

Devin stared at her with amazed appreciation. "You're all the more beautiful," he said.

"Come on," she said. "We're in the Sento. Get naked with me."

Devin realized that it wouldn't be the first time being with her naked so he didn't think much as he took off his clothes and stood before her equally as naked. Miko smiled with approval before she pranced to the soaking tub.

"You're not shy with me," Devin observed.

"Did you see the view out the small window over the sink?" She asked, turning to face him. He thought she was going to start the tub but she seemed distracted with another idea.

Devin went to the sink to see what she was talking about and Miko stepped up behind him, resting her head against his back and wrapping her hands around his waist. He felt her warmth against him.

"We've shown so much to each other," she said quietly.

"We have," he agreed nervously.

"You don't have to be afraid," she reminded him.

"This is one of those life-changing moments for me," he said.

Miko dropped one of her hands down toward his groin and she took his penis in her hand, wrapping her fingers around it and she began stroking it as she rested the side of her face against his shoulder blades.

In time, Devin felt like he was about to burst. Neither said anything as Miko kept herself pressed to him from behind while stroking him until he felt his orgasm building, matched by his moans and Miko lifted his penis up just as he exploded, making sure his goo landed in the sink as he became dizzy and light headed from the experience.

"I can't imagine what my mother would think," Miko remarked, making sure he had finished ejaculating before she released his penis.

She reached around him and turned on the hot water to wash the remains down the sink drain. Devin turned to face her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close, leaning in and kissing her.

"Thank you," he whispered into her mouth.

"You're welcome," she whispered back into his breath before turning and returning to the soaking tub which she began to fill.

Devin followed her and stood behind her, resting his chin on her shoulder and poking her backside with his member while they both watched the tub fill. Devin wrapped his arms around Miko's waist but she lifted her arm up and moved his hand down so it was rubbing her pubic hair. As inexperienced as he was, Devin knew to move a couple of his fingers a little further south.

When the tub was full, Miko leaned over and turned the warm water off and she stepped into the tub. Devin followed, sitting opposite her, facing her. He reached his hand out to touch her face and she leaned in to brush her lips across his. She sighed with contentment and he rested his forehead against hers.

Their lips met once again, more passionate now. Miko slipped herself onto his lap and Devin ran his hand through her hair. She closed her eyes while leaning her cheek into his hand. He kissed her again and, as she slipped her arm around his neck, Devin touched the tip of his tongue to her lip before licking her jaw and moving down to her neck.

Miko moaned, lifting her head back and he lowered his mouth to her breasts where he sucked on her there and her breath sped up. Devin could feel her heart pounding as he kissed her nipples. His hand found her breast and he rubbed it with affection causing her to breathe heavier. Miko began to slide herself along his thighs, periodically catching his hard penis between her legs.

Devin returned his mouth to hers and he kissed her as the tub water swirled around them. Miko broke the kiss and looked into his eyes as she dropped her arm down between his legs and found his penis again. But this time, instead of rubbing it, she directed it toward her opening.

"I want you," she whispered into his mouth.

"Rescue me," he pleaded. "Make me whole."

Devin felt himself slip inside of her and the warm water sensation only stimulated him more. Miko began to move up and down and he placed both his hands on her ass cheeks to press her down on him during the movements. He thrust as hard as he could, causing the water to splash.

Miko whimpered, her eyes closed, her head thrown back. He sucked on her neck and powered faster and Miko began to pant and yell. Devin knew she was close.

Miko opened her eyes and she stared into his with intent glory as her breasts heaved and then she cried out and shuttered and collapsed against him and he realized that she had orgasmed which he found to be incredibly fascinating to watch.

He cuddled her against him as the tub water began to settle and Miko tried to find her voice.

"Sento," she panted with happiness.