You didn't know what you were getting into, were you?

Did you realise what would happen?

Did you know what you were offered?

Did you hesitate at the choices?

A purpose in life?


Or did you just choose?

You thought you would have enough time.

Infinite time would be enough to find a purpose.

A win-win.

But they were serious.

You would never find a reason to live.

But you could never die.

Never leave.

You were immortal.

A hundred years went by,

And you watched as your friends,

Your family,

Your tether to the world,


You love,

You learn,

But inside you feel a growing emptiness.

A pit.

You have no idea what you are meant to do.

And you can't rest easy knowing that you will always be a void in this world.

You watch people making a difference,

And you know that you cannot do the same.

You are fading.

People are forgetting you.

You hope you don't forget them.

A thousand years.

Ten thousand

A hundred thousand.

You don't remember those you loved.

You don't even know what love feels like.

The seasons have changed more times than you can count.

And through it all,

That pit inside grows.

The darkness is a rising tide.

And still you cannot leave.

You can feel no peace.

Only regret.

A million years.

You are long since the last human alive.

Ten million.

If only you could still talk,

Even to yourself,

But it's been too long.

Too long.

You've forgotten.

Twenty million years.

Fifty million.

A hundred million.

They were serious.

They were very serious.

A billion years.

Ten billion.

The earth is long gone.

You have known nothing but darkness for the longest time.

Those you knew have long since faded from memory.

You try to grasp them,

Like trying to grab smoke with bare hands.

You can't even remember what smoke looks like.

A supernova.

It is a welcome distraction,

A precious second against an eternity.

Too bad you're too frozen to even see them.

The universe unfolds before you.

Without you.

You realise how worthless you are.

A hundred billion.

You are alone.



There is only void.

There is no light - you cannot see.

There is nothing.

You float alone with nothing to bring you comfort.

Not even a single inanimate object.

You ran out of air centuries ago.

Eons ago.

What you wouldn't give for one more breath.

But there is no air for you to breath.

So you suffocate.

There is no food.

So you starve.

There is no light, no heat.

So you freeze, blind.

Living for eternity.

And you desperately wish for it to end.

But you chose Immortality.

And so it will not.

Not by fire,

Or lack of air.

Not by impact,

Or annihilation.

You will simply exist.

With no meaning whatsoever,

Beyond the end of time.


The most hateful blessing.

The most prized curse.

You took it.

And cannot give it back.

If only you had chosen a purpose.

Because the Universe has a hole where you should have been,

And yet you exist beyond it.

Unable fill it.

You did not hesitate.

And now you will live with that decision.