A/N: Not happy with the formatting, but it is what it is. After reading a story, I wrote a poem about it and this is that poem. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own the Poem. Jesus owns everything else.

Jesus is the truth; He is the key.

You don't believe your beauty,

But you are beautiful to Him

And me.

Don't listen to the Devil's lies.

In God's name, testify.

His love is something you cannot defy.

Break free from the shackles of sin;

Listen to His voice, from within.

Don't let fear run your life.

God wants you to make a sacrifice.

Breathe in His Holy Air,

It's His love he wants to share.

Sing out loud with all your heart;

Don't let fear tear you apart.

Do, do, do is what the Bible does say.

Surrender your fear to Christ today;

Live as if today is your last day.