(for the boy under the cracked sky)

The pallor of your light
Cannot conceal the blackened embers in your heart
That burn and smoke and char unbridled, and expound
The violent torrent in your lovely eyes.

Your muted grace exhales
Beneath the jagged scars that curl and twist and wend
Along the mended flesh and broken bones that tell
Of fathers and their sins and lies.

And though you stand and rise
The ash beneath you clumps and melds on tender flesh
It creeps and coils and feeds upon untethered fears
And folds around your jaded heart.

And yet your light burns more profound
It glints, and sears and shines, your passion bursts unbound
A dazzling storm of sanguine lips and haunted smiles
Etched inside my heart in throbbing, shimmering shards.