I was naive

Mistaken by his lust

For I thought I was his treasure

Now with little skills

Cycles repeat with hunger

No longer seen as a suitor

The only one I saw, a suitor

But my mind was naive

Wanting to have attraction, I hunger

Though all I found was lust

I could not tell with no skills

All I was, was a dull treasure

A dull one inflicted upon a treasure

From former love, past suitor

His charm disarming with precise skill

Ready to strike his prey, so naive

With a strong need for lust

A bottom pit of hunger

What a pain. This hunger

For I tracked down a treasure

Those dulled by others lust

Past loves with no other suitors

Young meek thing, truly naive

Time to strike with charmed skill

Ones I harbored, honed skills

For this never-ending hunger

Beauty with doe eyes so naive

Make them feel treasured

Though better may follow in a suit or

Try to follow my lust

That I suffocate her with lust

With precise thing to destroy skills

For I am a suitor

That I have a hunger

A hidden buried treasure

A beauty naive

A hunger for a treasure most naive

His lust that shows skills for a suitor