On the road of all goes a giant block of thick air

Can't see twenty feet from you

It's a whole big cloud on all of our homes

So big you can't breakthrough

Not a soul from ahead even argue about it

It was just one big mood

Wasn't sad or happy, just a grey area of between

Grey like the fog on blue

And the blue is the sky that barely is sky now

No real cloud has any room

To tell all that the sky is still alive

And bring back the good groove

A bird can not simply exist in this jiff

The jiff should disappear soon

But the fog looks so big and interesting

But there isn't much to do

But here it is, a sky finally clear

A sky that is just brand new

Now for a cloud worth looking at

A sky to look up for a day or two

But what about the ones who miss the fog

Eh, it will come back soon