Author's Note: Hi, everyone! I'm sorry that I could not come up with an epilogue that is happily ever after. Instead, new issues arose. I'm hoping to resolve these issues in the sequel, My Barbaric Girlfriend. Thank you for reading! Please review!

Brief Summary: The demon queen, Pandora, wages a third war on the elves! What happens next? Read to find out!


Only several days after the new elf king Chris' wedding with his childhood friend Anna, the new elf king went to visit General Roger for urgent matters in the office of the paladin association headquarters. Roger and Lady Sariel were shocked because the new elf king was supposed to be on honeymoon with his wife, the new elf queen Anna.

"Your majesty, why are you here at the headquarters when you're supposed to be on honeymoon with Queen Anna?" Roger asked.

"How was your honeymoon?" Lady Sariel asked.

"Yeah, the honeymoon was like a day or two," Chris replied. "Work beckons. I'm the new king now, so that means a considerable increase in workload. Anyway, have you guys seen the news lately? I came today to discuss urgent matters with you."

"Your majesty, we have received urgent reports from elf soldiers. They said that the demon lord's wife, Pandora, is beyond furious about our capturing of Devindil," Roger remarked. "She has announced that the court charges of life imprisonment placed on Devindil were too severe. Also, Pandora criticized Chris for using a demon minion to fight Devindil. She claimed that there is no honor in the elven army's actions in killing many demon soldiers. So, she has announced waging a third elf-demon war on the elf kingdom to rescue her husband and to avenge the fallen demon soldiers."

"Roger and Lady Sariel, I would like to know what you guys think of recent events," Chris articulated. "Do you think the court decisions were too harsh with the charges placed on Devindil? And do you think I should not have used a demon minion to fight Devindil? Also, what do you think of the demon soldiers that we've accidentally killed in the second elf-demon war?"

"Your majesty, this is the reason why Lady Sariel is here," Roger answered. "Lady Sariel was discussing with me about how there is no absolute justice in the world. The court may think a suspect has issues but doesn't find anyone guilty unless there is enough evidence to prove a suspect guilty. Today, our laws are civil enough that criminals rarely get charged with a death sentence. As for the issue of using a minion, it was Devindil who started a war and used minions to attack our elf army. We were only fighting back in self-defense. Honestly, I don't see how Pandora can justify the demon army's actions by criticizing our actions. She disregards the demon army's actions. She can't see that the demon army was guilty of many murder charges."

"Your majesty, the demon lord and the demon army were evil forces that threatened the whole world, and they deserve to die. So, it was not a crime for the elf army to capture or destroy them. It was done to protect the rest of the world and to defend ourselves," Lady Sariel explained. "If you're worried about Pandora's criticisms, please don't take it to heart because her view is biased."

"I understand what you mean. What I'm concerned about is that we have accidentally killed some demon soldiers. So, are demons the evil ones? Or are elves the cruel ones?" Chris asked. "Does the devil exist within the demons? Or within us the elves?"

"Your majesty, I understand your concern. You think that the elf army can be cruel toward the demons sometimes. You're not sure which ones are truly evil," Lady Sariel replied. "No one is perfect, your majesty. Everyone has flaws, and that is exactly why each of us has obligations to keep our actions in check. What we need to do right now is to look toward the future, your majesty."

"I see," Chris said.

"Your majesty, I hate Pandora. I dislike how Pandora is making you and the elf army feel guilty of an imaginative crime that you've never committed," Roger said unhappily. "Why are you blaming yourself of a crime you've never committed, your majesty? You feel upset to the point where you didn't even enjoy your honeymoon with Queen Anna and even came back early!" Roger became so furious that he struck at the window, making a loud noise and injuring his hand as shards of broken glass pierced into his hand. Chris, Lady Sariel, and the elf soldiers were shocked and screamed together.

"Roger! Are you all right?" Chris asked.

"Roger! What happened?" Lady Sariel asked.

"Sir, you're bleeding!" an elf soldier said.

"Quickly! Go get the first-aid kit!" another elf soldier said.

"No, stop! It's unnecessary," Roger said. "This injury is the punishment I've given to myself for not being able to protect your majesty and his father. I'm sorry that you guys will have to clean up the mess." Roger smiled apologetically to the elf soldiers.

"You're bleeding a lot! Are you sure you're okay?" Chris asked.

"Let's quickly clean up this mess," Lady Sariel said.

"Let's fix this window with magic. The entire window broke," an elf soldier said.

"There's so much blood on the floor. It must've been painful," another elf soldier said.

Devindil, Pandora, and the demon army, Roger said to himself. You may have won this time around. However, the things that you've done to hurt your majesty and his father were unforgivable. I want you to pay with your life.

"Your majesty, I am going to order the elf army all over the world to meet at the headquarters. There may be a third elf-demon war soon," Roger said to Chris and Lady Sariel before leaving to carry out his duty as elf marshal.

"Your majesty, Roger has done his best to shoulder your burdens. So, please stop living in the past and try moving on to the future. By the way, you haven't been cutting yourself lately, have you?" Lady Sariel said to Chris. Lady Sariel grabbed Chris's wrist and examined it. There were new scratches and scars on the elf king's wrist, a sign that he had not quit his old habit of cutting himself. "Your majesty, you should not be cutting yourself again. I shall report to the paladin association headquarters."

Later that night, at the headquarters of the paladin association, Chris was trying to relax in a guest room. Chris was preparing to go for a shower when suddenly there was a knock on the door. When Chris opened the door, Roger was standing outside.

"Roger, are you here to check on me again? I'm not cutting myself if that's what you're worried about," Chris said, then he tried to shut the door. However, Roger stopped Chris from shutting himself out and opened the door.

"I'm sorry, but the headquarters of the paladin association has placed an order for me to make sure that your safety is assured," Roger answered apologetically. "There's nothing I can do about it."

"You're overdoing it! You're going overboard! I'm an elf king now! Please respect my privacy and personal space!" Chris yelled before shutting the door on Roger.

"Your majesty!" Roger exclaimed as Chris shut the door on him.

"Your majesty is outraged this time," Roger said to himself. "However, your majesty, please believe that everything we are doing here is to protect you. Please bear with me for a little longer. That is until we settle things with the people who hurt you in the past. Then, you can get back to your stable and happy life in the future."


Author's Note: Hi, everyone! I'm sorry that I could not come up with an epilogue that is happily ever after. Instead, new issues arose. I'm hoping to resolve these issues in the sequel, My Barbaric Girlfriend. Thank you for reading! Please review!

Brief Summary: The demon queen, Pandora, wages a third war on the elves! What happens next? Read to find out!