Hated trials, "Burn Witch"

Old Myths, "Watch for Dragons"

Lost in histories blood

A miniature fantasy

The land of demons

Try hiding reality

What is a reality?

With a spellbook witch

Summon more demons

With flying above, dragons

Realm of one's mind, "fantasy"

In the place where all see blood

A crimson river of blood

Splits the reality

In which one finds fantasy:

A happy old witch

A calm sleeping dragons

Before you find your demons

"They're in your mind, demons"

Filled by the lust for blood

Guarding you like dragons

What is Reality?

Cursing you like a witch

Is this Fantasy?

Why can I not control my fantasy

Why must you be heard, demon

You cursed witch

With your black blood

But you're not in reality

With your fiery breath like dragons

Wings spread out wide, dragons?

A world ruled by one's fantasy

Brought back to reality

Where one has silent demons

With bleeding crimson blood

Find your nearest witch

For a witch needs the blood of a demons

To make a dragon's fantasy become reality