I didn't always feel this wonder when I look at the sky

Well, actually, I did, but not like this

The emotions stirring up inside

Ready to spill over

Feelings that I can't sort

Aesthetics I can't name

But if I'm not careful,

They spill across my face

Salty trails down my cheeks

Like a comet through the cosmos

Those points of light

So much like pinholes in a sheet

The cloth of our sky woven above me

With peepholes beyond

And one night

I lie watching

The heat of the day

Still radiating back from the basketball court

I'm not the only one

My best friend beside me

My classmates around me

All looking up to the heavens

It was not forced

We could leave or arrive however we wished

The only rule was

We would respect those around us

And as I watched a satellite pass

I told stories with my friend

About Cassiopia

And Artemis and her Hunters

And something stirred inside

And the next night I couldn't help it

I went back

Every night, I returned to the court

We went home at the end of the week

But I still cannot look up at the night sky

Without remembering those nights

Without feeling the peace that radiated from above

And as the tears slip down my face

I look up at those pinpoints

And wonder what it might be like all those miles away

And all those years ago

And I remember that no matter what happens

These stars are a symbol to me

That the universe will keep turning like it should

No matter what mistakes I make

And I am grateful for that reminder

And for all the wishes and dreams and hopes

For all secrets and regrets and despair

The cosmos will keep on turning

And I will look up to these fiery beings in my sky

And say in words not my own

'To the stars that listen -

And the dreams that are answered.'