I left and I was called back

Back to the water

Back to my joy

I thought I hated it until I didn't have it

But I didn't hate it

I only disliked the context

A team without family

A group, together but apart

So I stopped

I quit the team and never looked back

Thank goodness for my friend

She dragged me to another team

And I was dead set on declining

And though she was the one who did

I stayed

Something called me and I have no regrets

This team is a family

Strange and close

But I cherish every day of it

And look forward to when season comes round again

And it isn't just the pool

And the practice and skill

Or the comradery during a race

Although I love that too

It's the belted songs on the way to meets

It's the care when someone gets injured

The foodfights on the bus

The playful stealing of hats

We're a family

And we look out for one another

Whether it be at practice

Or a meet

Dehydrated? Exhausted?

Asthmatic? Concussed?

We'll be there for each other

We're a team.

And although it's the water that called me

It's my friends

This strange group of people

That led me to stay.

(And learn to keep a close eye on my food. Seriously, us swimmers are like vultures sometimes!)