It was a rainy night in Slough Creek (which is in Wyoming) and a little wolf pup was sitting alone in his den, crying hard. Little wolf pup, Ivory, would stay up in the middle of the night, grieving about his mother.

Last year, Ivory's mother, Nikita, was sadly shot and killed by a man. Ivory and his family were walking around Slough Creek, having a good time. That 'good time' shortly ended when the family heard gunshots. The wolf family was scared and frightened and they started running home, towards their den. The two men, who were firing the gunshots, saw the family and ran towards them. While running towards the family, the two men started shooting gunshots at them.

Nikita was shot in her head and she immediately fell to the ground, leaving Ivory and his father, Kai, in shock. Both of the wolves stopped running and walked towards to Nikita, both of them were in tears. Ivory was sobbing in his mother's chest and Kai licked her face. Kai could see the men, still running towards them. Kai had a lot of things in his mind and he was completely stressed and sad. He just lost his wife, two humans were running towards him and his son with guns, and he had to retreat home. Kai had to get his son home so he wouldn't end up like his mother, so he carried his son with his mouth and ran back to the den, leaving his dead wife behind.

"Son, is that you", said a male voice.

Ivory quickly turned his eyes only to see his father, Kai, who was looking at him with a sad and concerned face.

"Oh", said Ivory who was wiping the tears off of his face with his paw. "Dad, it's just you."

"Are you okay, my boy?" asked Kai. "Why are you up in the middle of the night?"

"Heh", Ivory chuckled. "I should be asking you the same thing."

"Well, I was asleep until I heard crying", Kai said matter-of-factly. "Still sad, about your mother?"

Ivory nodded his head and then walked to his father. Ivory then gave his father a hug on his forelegs. Kai smiled down at his son and returned the embrace.

"I know, son", said Kai as he licked some tears off of his face. "I miss your mother too."

"Those stupid humans", muttered Ivory as he was still embracing his father. "This is their entire fault. If it wasn't for them, Mama would still be alive."

Kai heard what his son said and sighed. He looked down at his son and said: "That's just how humans are, son. They kill animals for money, food, and clothing. There is nothing we can do about it."

"I know", said Ivory as he let go of his father. "I just miss her so much."

"You know son", said Kai. "Even if your mother is not with us, do you know she will always be in our hearts? She will always be in doggie heaven, watching over us."

"She will?"

"Yes, my boy", reassured Kai as he embraced his son again. "That's where all of our ancestors go when they die."

"So, Mama is going to be okay?"

"Yes, my boy."

"She is up in doggie heaven?" said Ivory. "Forever?"

"Yes, Ivory", said Kai. "Forever and ever. She will be in our hearts, always.

Ivory was happy that his mother wasn't gone forever. Those humans might have killed her but those humans did not kill her spirit. At least Ivory didn't lose both of his parents that year so he was thankful for that. Ivory was also thankful to have a loving and caring father who understood his pain.

"By the way, kiddo", said Kai as he lied down on the floor of the den. "It's getting pretty late. How about you come sleep with me?"

"Alright, daddy", replied Ivory was he snuggled with his father.

Slough Creek was not filled with sobs; it was filled with silence, instead.