Chase me around and around.

Run me right off the cliff.

I want to dive straight down.

I don't care how far the dip.

I close my eyes.

I let it all go.

Let me break all of these ties.

There's no more chance to grow.

I fall into crystal cool waters.

This is where I can finally rest.

I will go before all of my past fathers.

There's no more putting me to the test.

It's always a rainy day for me.

The clouds never seem to want to clear out.

I know I can't ever pay that fee.

There's no more reason to just sit here and pout.

Please don't worry about me.

I will be just fine wherever I end up.

Remember that I told you I can't pay that hefty fee.

I'm as vulnerable as a newborn pup.

People no longer love.

People always have to hate.

I'll fly above you like a dove.

This is my fate.

I'm always contemplating these things.

It never ends.

I know what this all brings.

I'll go until everything finally bends.

Something has to give way in order for me to fade away into the deep blue.

Something has to bend until it finally breaks.

Scratches, cuts and bruises are all a part of me too.

It will be a while until the new me finally wakes.

It's all just so unreal.

There's no reason for all of this.

I know this has no appeal.

I clench and unclench my fists.