Okay so obviously there all always ways of friendship ending….some end for some unknown reason or someone just gives up.

Think of it this way though: You and your friend are laughing and smiling, while some other times you guys are listening and supporting each other. Then all of a sudden they start to fade away from you in front of you becoming like a ghost or spirit. You desperately keep trying to hold onto them, since you really don't want to give up on them, no matter how badly damage they may be or how many people they hurt, maybe without thinking. All you really want to do is help them, and to see them smile again, yet they fade away completely, saying it's for the best.

You aren't left alone entirely though, considering you still have other friends you truly care about but you still feel like crap and feel like a part of you failed. So you start to grow bitter toward them, considering they only did this to you at the moment, since they are still talking to all their other friends. You scream, while other of your friends appeared in front of you. You look at some of them, and realized they kept getting hurt and hated for bogus or shallow reasons in the first place. Then you look at the whole situation, realizing that since you never chose sides, you conveniently were always in the middle, no matter how many times they said you really weren't. Plus you start wondering what the lies were, and what the honest sentences were, since there seems to be many rumors and other stuff running around. Bitterness keeps going up, but you still care, just that you always hated how some people didn't do anything wrong, yet were utterly distrusted or hated for a thing or two that wasn't even pertaining to them in the first place or was just a shallow/bogus reason in the first place.

After a while you look at all the friends you have, and then theirs and you realized that it was hardly your fault at all. Then they have claimed that they knew someone better than you do, considering they used to talk for a few months only and saw them do a few things, but you know better, considering the person they talk about is someone that actually is blame for no reason and is one of your closer friends too that you talk to and knew longer than them anyways, yet they keep saying they know them just as well that you do. And then saying they hate someone without saying a reason and claiming that they are a waste of space, even though you and some friends don't understand how or why, unless it's mostly for a shallow reason, which just makes everything utterly stupid.