I see things about a strange army somewhere in China

Tons and tons of men with no two the same face

It is of the army of the emperor from long ago

It all looks so interesting and impossible on how much was even built

This whole group of individuals without souls based off of individuals with souls should be a wonder of the world

But it can be the wonder of other people's worlds

I have seen it on a picture but have not been to China to see them in real life

But that is okay because at least I know what it looks like

It still gets in my head how this goal was even reached

I can just imagine getting a lot of clay just to make a terracotta warrior myself

And let it guard my home like it was a decoration

But if it gets stolen or robbed by some fools, it won't stop me from making another one

I don't even have the type of money to buy a real terracotta warrior for myself

Numbers in the thousands, a number I can take steps for to even get to China

So there I am beginning my work, making the terracotta warrior

I start from the feet because starting from the head would not be easy

And it sure is the laws of gravity to blame

I take my time from playing ball at the grass to focus on this warrior

By the time I'm done, I'm gonna name it Terry

At least it's unoriginal rather than weirdly giving it a specific name for a simple statue

I build the face out of my imagination of what a terracotta warrior would look like

And by the time three days had passed, it has finally been completed

My terracotta warrior is complete and good as new

But I wouldn't carry around something that heavy on my back just to show it to my friends

I put it out my house, hoping it doesn't get stolen to take another three days

I see someone passing by and they stop, I see them from the window and cross my fingers

They give the warrior a fist bump and continue their walk, but at least the terracotta warrior survived another day

And just like that, everyone wants to know how I did it

They want to know how long I took and why I did it in the first place

I just say that it was interesting to me, I liked how well done the whole thing turned out

Terry still survives to this day and even got kind decorations from the people

Like glasses, paint, hats, and other things to show the people's appreciation

Terry brought people together, and he didn't even have to move or be real