It was a cool and otherwise cloudy Thursday morning in Denver, Colorado as 20-year-old Warren Cannon woke up, the sunlight flooding through his bedroom window, hitting his face.

Rising out of bed, he felt at his red briefs, a huge wet spot in the center. Another dirty dream no doubt.

He didn't waste time in thinking about it. His mobile read 7:11 AM and he needed to get ready for his first class of the day, Biology.

Silently dressing, Warren aka War went downstairs to breakfast, his Mom and Dad finely dressed and drinking coffee.

"Morning Darling," Mrs. Cannon kissed her son's forehead. Her hair dark brown albeit graying and eyes forest green.

"Ready for your Bio exam today?"

"Yeah Mom," Warren answered, a bit less enthusiastic about something else waiting for him at school.

"Oh by the way dear, be sure to be home right after school. Your cousin Max is coming to visit, his parents are meeting us for dinner later tonight."

The news was a wrecking ball to Warren's often isolating sense of reality. He hasn't seen his younger cousin since he was 17. He must be really cute now he mused, the memory of his nocturnal emission last night still fresh.

"Sure'll be fun to catch up.." He kissed his Mom and bid them goodbye, rushing to catch the local bus to the community college.