Max knew what he was trying to do but he teased him by not giving in, they were alone as this steam bath is just for the two of them.

Getting hard, finally caving in as he sighed pulling Warren's towel away from him.

"I don't like how you're teasing me," Max said as he went closer to Warren's member putting it in his mouth.

"Your actions say the opposite, " Warren snickered. His eyes closed at the wet intoxication his cousin's mouth gave to his penis.

Combined with the steam of the bath, he nearly went faint yet breathed heavily as Max's tongue did its work.

Max smirking started to suck fast while bopping his head, laying on the bench looking up at Warren pulling it out.

"While playing with you, did you get the toys I showed you earlier?" Max asked to Warren as he started to suck again while proceeding to deep throat his member.

"One step a-head of y-you," Warren said in between Max's sucks. He also produced some condoms and lube he got for free at the front desk.

All of it in a clear toiletry pouch.

"What you wanna play with first?" he asked licking his sweaty upper lip at his beautiful cousin.

"The Butt Plug!" Max said as he pulled it out of the bag while sucking. Max then stopped as he changed sides exposing his stretched hole.

Playing with his butt cheeks.

"I know you like what you see War, I know you've been looking at my ass from time to time."

Warren licked his lips before applying some spit to the plug for a smooth and sweet entry.

He caressed Max's left butt cheek as he inserted the plug with his free hand.

His cousin's delightful winces encouraged him to push it in further.

Max gasping felt the Plug going inside his hole, letting out tiny moans as he looked up pulling out his phone opening it with the app for the butt plug being open, having multiple choices to choose from for the vibration.

"Please baby... I want you to put it on the highest option as possible..." Max said as he handed his phone to Warren.

"You got it!" Warren said as he turned it on to the tenth level. Max became jittery and his moans rocketed high on the incredible power the plug was giving to his ass.

Warren would certainly be jacking off to this sight for many years to come.

Max was trembling with the vibration. Not being able to speak as he laid on the bench with his knees trembling "W-Warhen!~ P-Please!"

Max then got a phone call from his Mom shocked "Y-You pick up! I'll try keeping it quiet with my moans..." Max said as he slid to the wall showing his hole with the vibrator inside.

Warren stepped out of the bath so he could hear his aunt.

"Hi Auntie, how's it going?" the last thing he wanted was for him and Max to get busted.

Max's Mom was still at Warren's home as both kids were gone they thought they would have a little bonding time.

With her left on Warren's dad head as he's eating her out trying to keep the moans.

"Hey Warren! how is it with you and Max? are you two b-behaving?..." Max's Mom said as she wrapped her legs around Warren's Dad's neck.

"Yeah. We're at the gym just having some Bro time. Should be home before dinner," Warren said somewhat perplexed why his Mom sounded so strange.

Max's Mom started breathing a lot more through the pleasure that Warren's dad giving her.

While talking to Warren, Max's Dad is doing the same thing to Warren's mom across from them.

"No no sweetie! just have fun with Max plus you two can go out have dinner, I know Max has some money in his bank account left... and p-please just make sure you two get out of trouble! Especially Max! he's a little trouble maker hehe..." Max's Mom said to Warren.

"Well Warren have a good time!" Max's Mom said as she hung up, starting to moan a lot more.

Warren couldn't object to that. He happily returned to Max and filled him on on the news.

"We can hang here a bit longer or go anywhere else you like," he said while fondling his cousin's cock.

He gave Max a chaste kiss. It felt wonderful being in the bath with him again.

"W-Warren... Do you think our parents are up to something while we're gone?... Like how they don't know of our relationship?..." Max said concerned, hearing that he got another notification from his Sugar Daddy getting $2,0000.00 in his Paypal account.

Max rested his head on Warren's shoulder, relaxed and looked at the wooden ceiling "Ya know... I'm glad we're doing this... ever since I got the title of being the school's president of all the clubs I got so much work on my schedule I couldn't even have a little R&R you know... I got really excited when I heard that I was visiting you.

Knowing your studying far from home really made me upset cause I thought something would've happened to you."