Kiss me with your arsenic lips,

Bruise my gentle heart again,

Taint my purity with your shadow,

For the burn in my body is beautiful.

I'll forgive what you do tomorrow,

All the pain you brought me today,

If it ends in your perfect embrace,

With your heat scorching my skin.

I can see your blackened wings,

Filled with malice and depravity,

Yet I turn a blind eye each time,

Indulging in the torment you bring.

My heart is bleeding in my chest,

For I know lies that shine in your eyes,

And your hollow words and empty smile,

The insatiable lust in your every touch.

"I'm okay," I plead with myself,

Even as you tear me apart,

Your intoxicating aura enthralls me,

Poisoning me over and over again.