She mused on
How poor and spotty
Her memory

Seemed to be

She wondered idly
In a darkly humorous fashion
Of how her old age would be

And if she'd go senile

She figured
Much would be well
If she had gone senile

As, to her, she probably
Wouldn't know the damn
Difference between then

And currently.

She was forgetful
Sometimes, disoriented and confused
And she felt much older

Than what she was.

However, she remembered that
Her humor was bitter and being senile
Would just as bitter

As she'd probably look at photos
Something that remained of a loved one
And would recall something

Feeling something lost
Yet, being unable to identify it
Concluding that

She's lived much too long

All would be well and bitter
Whether she could distinguish from then and currently
If she ever lived long enough to be