Just washed off my truck, and it started to rain.
Murphy's law rules, cuz' it's always the same.

Rollin' down the road, when my wheels went pop.
I pulled off the shoulder, then slowed to a stop.

I got two flat tires, but I've only one spare.
People drivein' by with no time, or a care.

Pays next to nothin' just to sit down and moan.
So better try a'thinkin', if I want'a get home.

Then zooms by those kids, middle fingers in air.
Smilein' and a starin' at two flats and one spare.

Feels like slowly runnin' , just to slip slide back.
Mama always taught us to be tougher then that.

With a couple flat tires, and this one lousy spare.
Woulda' caught the next bus, if I had exact fare.

So now imma' walkin', with a few miles ta' go.
More than one flat, 'MAN', that really does blow.

Just don't get upset, when you suck at this game.
Cuz' Murphy's law rules, and it's always Da' same.