Where is my Éclair

Is it in the bakery

Did someone eat it

Three hundred Éclairs

Stacked in boxes in a room

Too many Éclairs

Here for my Éclair

Not an Éclair that's not mine

Different Éclairs

Éclairs everywhere

Everywhere, there's more Éclairs

Éclair, Éclair, where

It's not my Éclair

Éclair, where is my Éclair

Where is my Éclair

It's a nice Éclair

Éclairs, where there's more Éclairs

Éclair, Éclair, where

Does anyone care

For the number of Éclairs

Éclair everywhere

Big and strong Éclairs

Fear the Éclairs, fear them all

They're hunting for you

Éclair razor blades

Éclair tanks and Éclair bombs

Civil Éclair War

Éclairs rule the world

Save us from evil Éclairs

So devilish, too

Éclairs in the air

There's more Éclairs everywhere

Éclairs, here to kill

The world is now doomed

Now the globe is one Éclair

Éclair, earth, they dare

We will take it back

We fight back Éclairs, we swear

Spare us from despair

Will you be aware

Less lethal Éclair warfare

We all have our prayers

There's no more Éclairs

Éclairs left and we are free

Thank humanity

Éclairs are not fair

To the earth we all live in

They would never care

But one small question

That was left with no answer

Where is my Éclair