I used to go to Krynica Morska every summer. I loved the climate of that familiar place. The name Relax had my favourite holiday resort. I could normally dig a hole in there. That year, I took a motorized scooter. As usual, I met a bunch of kids there. All of them were very jealous of my scooter. When I was driving around the square, they were chasing after me. There was a family feast every week. There were games and a beer garden. My parents, however, did not want to participate. They were receiving information from the work. So, I was playing with a barbecue bored. I've been friends with fire for a long time. Some woman took the poker from me, though.

'You're gonna burn!' she said when I tried to get it back from her.

Stupid cunt didn't know I stoked in a furnace when I was in the countryside. I'd bake a whole hall of sausages.

So, I went back to the square to ride my scooter. On the spot I met a friend with a face of blissfulness. He told me I could ride it faster. I didn't want to believe him at first. He took the scooter and ran to the room. I ran up the stairs after him. I didn't trust that bastard. Upstairs was his older brother, the programmer. There was this anti-marxist all over the place with a laptop. They said he made $50,000 a month. Not knowing why he'd been with his parents forever. The fat guy, without taking his eyes off the laptop, attached the scooter to it and, while hacking it, abolished the limit of fifteen miles per hour. The code lines flashed from behind his sweater. Immediately I lost my guarantee and insurance, but it wasn't the worst event. I had to watch my little sister. I started dragging to the playground. She sat down in a short dress on the slide. The point was, that slide stood in full sunlight. Global warming has taken its toll. Whoever denies it will get it from me. The girl, while she was driving off the device, was screaming desperately loudly at the same time. Holding on to her ass, she fell into my arms. The metal slide was burning up. I rolled up my sister's dress. The skin on her ass and thighs started to go away. We couldn't wade through cold water. I took her in my arms to the room. Mother was mad. She called me a stupid donkey. My father announced a lawsuit to the owner of the playground and a punishment for me, but that time he didn't plan to spank me…

In the evening, after he had finished reading Polish Newspaper, he cleaned up all the things on the big table. He took a candle and put it in a cup on the stove. My mother and sister were holding my hands, and I, naked from the waist down, was lying on the table.

'We bought you a motorized scooter from the state benefit and you can't take care of your sister?'

My father took the cup to pour wax on me. I felt a burning pain in my thighs and buttocks. I was yelling until a couple of grandparents were knocking on the door. And did they have any objections to that punishment? I don't know, but I saw an erection in my father…