I met him on a highway bridge hiding in the sleeting rain

And it was seven years before I was to see him again.

He approached me from the ceiling without me looking up

Handing me empty eggshells and a broken china cup

His waif-like eyes told me to stay and then he disappeared.

I waited long and then I left, afraid of that I feared.

The snow poured down, but I could see a figure in the shade

He tipped his feathered hat at me and then began to fade

He beckoned me to follow him and struggle though I tried

All I could see was spiralling white-out conflict behind my eyes.

The snow had stopped, but the swirling did not, and fall to his feet I did.

The wind died off, the light died down, weakness set in my head.

He picked me up and carried me, on silent wings of gold.

I lost my mind and fell asleep, for several days, I'm told.

When I awoke the snow had ceased, I wasted not a word

I cried out loud, where am I now? But, lo, he had not heard.

His opened hand collected dust, his other hand drank wine.

His eyes were closed, his mouth aware, his foot, it tapped in time.

He knew what I was thinking, I could tell from the shoes he wore.

I made sure that my mind was there before he left the floor.

Sunday's only child swept me off my quiet rock

And empty shrouded hooded cloaks surrounded me in flock.

My age turned back, I seemed to sink, I wondered at my plight

But all was well, I understood, since I was now in flight.

His hands held out two bubbles there, one purple and one blue.

I took them both and let them go, they fell down to my shoes.

The blue one smattered helplessly, the purple one did bounce!

When he saw this his eyes grew wide and then he rightly pounced.

He snatched it up and took it back. It turned into a saint.

The halo glimmered softly, and I once again felt faint.

I stood outside the door which glowed, I didn't feel at home

I entered into humming light, electric blue surrounding

He sat there in the corner, not moving, not rising up

He sat there in the easy chair drinking from the broken cup.

A little girl on the table asked me if I know the time

She gave off electricity and she held a crested sign.

A baby in a bassinette hidden over by the fire

Pouring the same electricity into the air like hot power wires.

I asked Is that your brother, and the little girl said Yes.

But no looks of recognition came to her eyes, though I pressed.

The pain returned to me then and the girl and babe were gone.

He came to me and lay me down and stayed with me 'til dawn.

I understand he feels my fears, and sometimes I feel his

But if he ever suffers, I do not know, he never says.

I took him to my tree-house and I showed him all my bows.

He looked around with gentle eyes and then he softly rose.

The moon came in my window, and ate up all my pie,

The stars they laughed at their delight and I began to cry.

The wolves came 'round and grinned at me, I untied my left shoe

And then I settled down to rest, the only thing to do.

Summer came, resisting me, and spring turned into fall.

I waited there in silence, but he did not come at all.

Days turned into decades, my life passed sixteen times.

I don't believe they noticed me, I escaped their deadly chimes.

And then some aeons later, I thought I saw the glow

Of a purple bubble, a broken cup, and eggshell, and the snow.

He reached to me, he reached to me, I felt the timely grasp,

But alas, it was a dream, and not an hour had passed.

The moon was still setting, the stars they sat afloat

And he was a-looking out the window, covered in my coat.

I can see your Achilles heel, I can see your Holy Grail.

You do not look as well this time, but tired and grey and frail.

Your feet they touch the floorboards, I cannot see your wings,

Your mind and heart are weary now, moved onto other things.

Framed against the moonlight your shadow casts no hope,

Your left hand clutching broken glass, your right hand clutching rope.

As silent as a choking scream, as quiet as a cloud

You turn to look into my eyes and I can see your shroud.

That's what I thought of him that night, before the storm had hit.

He was in such a sorry state, I sat with him a bit.

His hollow cheeks, his paling eyes, his breathing lumbered on.

I thought I'd lose my king that night, by morning he'd be gone.

But I was wrong, he stayed with me, he was not weak as thought.

I gave him wine, I gave him song, I gave him all he sought.

He wasn't well, although he tried, I saw the chain he held

It wrapped around his body, and it pulled him 'til he fell.

His eyes had lost their quest for dream, I couldn't see the life.

His left hand tangled in the chain, his right pinned by a knife.

And then within my pocket, a bubble all in mauve

I pulled it out and held it up, and begged my hopes to prove.

And to my life and to my eyes the bubble floated out

It floated up into the air and then I heard a shout

His angel wings had reappeared, the chains began to break

His twinkling eyes lit up like stars, and he became awake.

The twisted wind sank down and bowed, the fires whispered low

And Sunday's Only Child had returned to every know.

The sounds they echoed loudly and the mirror reflected light

And then his feet did leave the ground, was pulled up by a kite.

Trailing in his breezy gaze my smile was tricked in haze.

I followed closely to the ground and then I turned the page.

Hailing to the crucifix, I snapped my fingers loud

The picture wasn't big enough, I couldn't see the crowd.

On chapter twenty-four the wind's dessert grew around

The deep soft sand hid treasures and became a lost and found.

My Scarsdale Ring, my trumpet string, my Russian penny shoe,

My paper dart, cellophane heart, my China doll that grew,

My central heat, my forkless beet, all buried in the sand,

I found them there and hid them safe, all snuggled in my hand.

So much time piled onto time, I lost my bedroom clock

The silence nearly swallowed me so I began to talk.

A brown and yellow telephone beside me rang like thunder

I picked it up and answered it, it was a wrong number.

Blue and orange Christmas lights were strung along the sky

I wanted to reach and touch to them, but I was too tired to try.

Neverending dustbowl, it waltzed across the plain

I gave up in despair so then I caught the next Soul Train.

It took me west, it took me east, it tok my maple gum

I ordered the Midnight Special and I swallowed every crumb.

Jesus sat in front of me, I stared into his palms

The rain could pour right through them, but did not disturb His calm.

I asked Him where the trees had gone, I asked Him of His life,

I asked Him if He knew my dad, and of his lovely wife.

I asked Him about the mountains and of the driving hail.

I dropped my ring, and there it rolled, it met a wooden nail.

I sat back up, and He was gone, I couldn't see my gun

I thought He'd acted strangely, He must've taken it and run.

Climbing off my bandstand, I entered into Sin

I'd wasted only lonely hearts when they had given in.

I checked in all my baggage and I stoked my furnace high

And took my time unpacking since the sun was in the sky.

I cleared off all the feathers to lay upon the bed

The sleeping zees took me with them, I lost my conscious head.

I dreamt of walking through the woods, of kicking at the clouds,

Of jumping in the freezing rain, of hiding in a crowd.

When I awoke, the night had come, and so I fell asleep

I pulled on several blankets 'til I pulled out all the sheets.

Someone waked me in the night and handed me a note

They told me it was written, but I didn't know who wrote.

My friend, it claimed, Come see me now, my life is yours to share,

And in my head I looked around to who I knew not where.

He sent me covered candy and a silver satin ice-pick

And told me to visit the Banknote, in the Autumn Weather District

So I arrived in full attire and saw when I got there

My Sunday's Only Child who sat sitting in a chair.

He welcomed me with open arms and handed me a rose

'Twas made of glass, and came a wrapped in a wooden garden hose.

He wouldn't even tell me where he'd gone to rest

But I could tell that what he'd done had been for the best.

He was my Guardian Smiling King and I gave him all my soul

He took it in his gloved arched hands and I knew that we were whole

He feels my fears, and I feel his, he gave me back my hope.

He'd lost the knife and broken glass and lost the chains and rope.

I know he will take care of me, I know he'll lift me high

I know he'll take me with him high into the sky.

Christmas prairie sunshine while newspaper strangers sing

But Sunday's Only Child just watches, he already knows everything.

Several silent thieves who had enough gave their trade

And all the evil faces I had seen began to fade.

The snow shot down in silver flakes and danced upon his hand

From out behind a tree trunk there came a marching band.

I felt at peace, and sank deep down, the King he turned and smiled.

I never lost my dream again, of Sunday's Only Child.