Back when I was a child, people would always tell me I'm more like my father than my mother. It never bothered me. I loved my father! He was like a fairy-tale prince in my eyes. Like a superhero. He would always protect me from harm, no matter what. So I didn't mind people telling me I was like him.

My father became even more of a hero in my eyes after my mother's disappearance. He was strong, and he managed to still take care of things. He took care of me. A little girl, who needed both her parents. But he managed. And to me, he became everything I ever wanted to be.

I remember being in the back garden, digging for treasure. That was the day it all changed. My father and I, we had been a team all my life. He had never hit me, he had never even raised his voice to me. But I still remember the look of anger, of pure hatred in his eyes, as he ran into the garden, shouting at me. But it was too late. That was the day I found my mother's body.

After that, people stopped saying I was like my father. They knew he wasn't a good man. He was a murderer. He had taken away a mother from her little girl. He had ended her life, and ruined mine. But I never saw it that way. In my eyes, he was still my father. The superhero who had raised me and loved me. My mother had never even been there for me.

For years I would try and see my father, but he would refuse my visits. That hurt me more than anything had ever hurt me before. I loved him, and I missed him. I wanted to see him. It wasn't until I met someone, that I could finally move on. I gave up on the visits. I gave up on seeing my father every again.

I am now a mother of a little boy, and I can see myself in him. People always tell me how alike we are. He is nothing like his father! I suppose it makes sense, seeing as I have had to raise him on my own. You see, his father disappeared when my little boy was only a baby. So I've had to be strong, and take care of things. I have had to be a superhero, a fairytale princess, to be someone for my little boy to look up to. So that's exactly what I did.