No time, no time for kneeling

Wipe the dirt off your face and the pity

Wake yourself from the stupor

Carry your weight and the world

Break and break but get up

Bones might be dust, but get up

Heart in your mouth, get up

Trembling fingers in a grip

Push off the ground

Make a stand

Just get up, this is no place to fall

Nowhere is a place to fall and stay

Get up, every time, anyway.

What for? I don't know

That is why I wish to go

Further from the last place I fell

Before I'm pulled into earth's embrace

Before I'm rock and stone and dirt

Before I bear someone's feet on my person

Before I'm unmoving, paralyzed, bound

Before I'm robbed of sight and sound.

I must move, yes, but first

I must stand though my feet hurt

Weary, tired, happy, sad

It does not matter, I must stand.

I get up today so I can walk the next

And then run and maybe fly

Those wings would never grace my back

If I sunk to my knees at the first attack

So get up, rub the pain from the eyes

This step you take will earn you the skies.