School had just gotten out for the summer, for the last day, a group of girls and I had played Truth or Dare, childish I know. My best friends, Nyoka, Hina, and I were dared to spend the whole summer in a house the claimed to be abandoned and haunted.

"Layla come on, we have to go pack our stuff for the summer, then head to the house." a skinny girl with long green-haired told me, her purple eyes seemed tired and done with this place, though I couldn't agree more with her there.

"Yeah Nyoka I know, we are still waiting on Hina or have you already forgotten that part, plus we have time, don't be in such a rush know we still have to figure out what to do with the dogs," I stated, I was leaned up against the wall of our stupid school, my raven-colored hair was in a braid on that went over my left shoulder, my dark blue eye looked through my texts as I texted our boss on the recent update of what is going on, I say eye because my black eyepatch covers my left eye. We were both still in our school uniform, which only differed in color, while mine was black and red, Nyoka's was sky blue and black, plus she had bandages wrapped around her left leg.

"HEY NYOKA, LAYLA!" a voice yelled it came in the direction of the school gym, and surely a girl with fiery curly red hair was running towards us, her grey eyes seem to light with excitement. She stopped just next to us before trying to catch her breath, her uniform was pink and had bandages on her left arm.

"Hey, Hina," I said in a monotone voice pushing myself off the wall. I started walking towards the car, "What took so long Hina?"

"Some of the teachers needed help cleaning up and I decided to stay behind and help out." her voice rang through the almost empty parking lot. We finally arrived at the car we all got in and Hina started it up and drove back to the house. By the time we got there, it was about 2 o'clock. Yes, all three of us live together, go to school together and even work together. We were greeted by our german shepherd and our, more like my, Siberian Husky. "Come on Blaze we need to pack." the black and white husky followed me to my room, the room was the master bedroom of the house and it was painted black with the accent of red rose petals scattered around the walls. We packed all of our clothes and all the other essentials we would need for these long two months. I picked up a picture of two people, my parents I lightly put it in the suitcase. Knowing the other two they would be doing the same thing.

"LAYLA YOU READY TO GO?" Nyoka's voice echoed down the hallway, and probably up the stairs. I zipped up my bag and slung it over my shoulder. I had changed into some normal clothes, a tee-shirt, and some shorts, I started to walk out of the room with Blaze trailing after me.

"So have we figured out yet what we are doing with the dogs or not really?" I asked petting Blaze's head.

"Yeah, we bring them with us," Hina answered. She was now in a sundress and flip flops, she looked ready for summer while Nyoka just looked like she wanted to sleep which was normal, she was in her PJ's and had Snake with her, our German Shepherd. We all nodded and started to grab the stuff for the dogs, some food to last us till we went grocery shopping, and packed our bags into the car. Hina drove to the mansion I sat in the back with the dogs. I had my headphones in and was listening to music I started to space when suddenly both dogs ran across me having me fall ungracefully out of the car. I had skidded my knee but I was too tired to even care we walked into the mansion and just went to the first rooms we found Blaze jumped on the king-size bed in the room I found and I just fell onto the bed not even caring to change or anything. I started to fall asleep when I felt the covers move over my body. I was too tired to care and thought it was Blaze, he was a highly trained dog. That night my nightmare continued or should I say repeated.


I was about six years old and I was watching a movie with my parents. My dad walked into the kitchen to get a soda suddenly there was a lot of banging. My mom told me to go hide I opened a fake part of the floor and hid. I heard a bunch of noise. It lasted what felt like an hour but was only thirty minutes. I was scared until the front door was forced open and a storm of footsteps echoed into my hidden area. There was silence until I heard the voice of the man who trained me. Suddenly the floorboard was ripped up and a man with dirty blonde hair stood there out of breath. The man lifted me and I saw blood scattered all over the house and screamed. Everyone gave me a sympathetic look at the man walked away from me.

*End of Nightmare*

I jolted awake and saw that blaze need to go outside I opened the door and he ran out I felt a slight pain in my left knee was bandaged, I had skidded it the day before. How could that happen no one came into the room last night I am pretty sure, I mean I would have woken up. Must have been one of the girls, I looked over at the clock it was about 5:30 am. I should go make some breakfast for the girls. I walked out and wandered trying to find where the girls had put the food in. This place was huge, I had finally found my way to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and saw the food in the fridge. I took out the bacon, some cabbage, and started to make some rice. As the riced cooked I looked for the pots and seasoning. Why couldn't they just leave it on the counter? As I turned to look through the other cabinets a gust of wind hit me and I closed my eyes. When I opened them the skillet, the cutting board, the seasoning was on the counter.