Fifteen-year-old Adam Malitski timidly twirled the slick spongy dildo in his fingers for what felt like hours. The sticky sleek coating was now being covered by his dirty fingerprints, however, Adam knew I he'd keep this dildo in his hand until he was ready to cum.

He sat at the other side of the bed, motionless. His stiff cock occasionally twitched as he studied his thin body. The vein on the left side of his neck was rising... a tell-tale sign he was horny... and hungry.

The only question on his mind: Am I ready?

He felt his chest become heavy, but breathed low. He felt his hole throb and nipples become harder... finally he was ready.

Adam gave the wet dildo a final twirl in his fingers and inserted the tip. He felt the tension of his jaw tighten as he pushed it deeper in. One inch by one... slowly whilst making eye contact with Rick Miord's handsome eyes the whole time.

In one clean crisp swoop, Rick slid the dildo inside Adam. I looked down at the dildo, Adam swallowed and allowed his shaking hand to touch the point of the dildo to his hole. Looking up at Rick, his eyes were locked on Adam's, his stare was hungry. He stared at him the way a snake stares at a mouse. He was hungry for Adam, and he knew it. Slowly he put the dildo head onto his rosebud and let the toy in to his ass slowly, yet deliberately whilst not breaking eye contact with Rick.

As the dildo went deeper, he simply said one word, "Fuck." Rick always likes it when I start on the bed. He likes the way it reminds me that I'm his bitch, and below him.

Seconds after, Adam broke eye contact, push my briefs off, stood up slowly as he felt his knees below shaking, and walked over to an open spot on the carpet. He stood there motionless. The silence in the room was similar to that of a class room waiting to be filled, but, Adam's life didn't depend on this. His mind was racing hundreds of miles a minute as he unbuttoned my tight dark PJs and slid them off of his smooth legs. Adam gracefully slipped my shirt off next and tweaked his nipples a moment after. He let them all fall to the floor in a small, messy pile beside him.

Adam stood naked and took a breath, a million goosebumps appeared on my body leaving me with the similar feeling of standing in the locker room shower and the water hitting his delicate skin... over and over. But, these tingles were of desire and arousal. Each one was yearning for Rick's cock and for the pain that he would put on him soon.

"Sit." Rick demanded as he stood up and began walking towards Adam. His bare feet scuffed the carpet and created a very hot sound.

We, together, made the moment.

Adam lowered himself onto the carpet while his body was shaking, and his breath was getting quicker with every moment of anticipation. He needed him-his cock! Had been edging for 2 weeks, and even seeing Rick's cock made Adam's dick drip.

Adam sat there on the carpet with his legs bent and knees and the tops of his feet making contact with the carpet, He felt the wet spot on the floor his cock was making. A puddle of his own juices... Adam was desperate!

Fifteen-year-old Rick was stand near Adam Malitski while Rick looked very horny and hard at Adam. Rick felt his dick got more hard when he saw Adam sat on the carpet.

Rick was a muscled boy and he decided to have more fun with Adam before he let Rick cum.

Rick pinched Adam's nipples while he rubbed his hard dick against Adam's face. Rick's dick was very hard and wet.

Adam knew that in just a few moments, he would surely be licking his own juices off the carpet, or, they would be rubbed all over his face. He began to think of his curly black hair being dragged on the floor like a mop and my face being rubbed in his own dick juice, Adam couldn't help but let a devilish grin peak out of his cheeks.

For real... would you blame him That picture was fucking HOT!

As Adam was wrapped up in his own imagination, he suddenly was ripped back into reality as he heard a stern and familiar voice...


"I don't want to repeat myself again Adam, are you ready for school yet?"

"Yeah Mom!" Adam replied sheepishly as his cheeks turned slightly pinker in embarrassment. What accompanied my pink cheeks? A pulsing aroused twink. He was aching for Rick, and his dirty words only made him crave his cock and him using Adam even more.

Adam felt his power and his tightening muscles coming closer to him. Two minutes he remained as he was told: kneeling with his head down, feeling the energy that he was saving to use on Adam, begging to be released from his body.

He wanted to hurt him.

And Adam, wanted that more than anything!

Suddenly, Adam felt his strong hand grasp the back of his head. He pulled Adam's hair back and down so that he was looking up at Rick and his breathing was restricted. He was gasping for air as he grinned down at Adam with desire paired with disgust. Rick lifted an eyebrow and spit on him. He then took his other hand and rubbed the spit into Adam's face, causing his hungry tongue to begin licking over my his lips.

Rick pushed Adam's head back to a normal position and stepped back a half-foot. There, he stood as Adam saw his cock bulging through his black boxers... begging for his ass. To Adam's disappointment, he was going to have to wait...

Rick began to lower his boxers and effortlessly, he pulled a leather belt from behind his waist into his hand. He would walked around to Adam's backside and begin hitting him with that belt. That was one of his favorite things Rick did. But, this time he swung it around Adam's neck and pulled him closer to him while each of his hands was holding each end of the belt. He threaded one end through the buckle and pulled tight to create a collar and leash.

Rick repeatedly pulled tight on the end of the belt causing it to dig into Adam's skin creating a red rash and severely limiting his ability to breathe.

Adam moaned out of pleasure with every restriction, it felt wonderful.

Rick ordered him to get on all fours and began walking him around the bedroom. Adam felt the carpet on his knees creating red rashes of discomfort, still, he adored the rashes. They served as a sign he was being a good little bitch on the floor serving his Master.

A few minutes passed as Adam was shaking his ass like a good little dog while being dragged around the room barely breathing. He was light-headed, however, his ass felt even needier.

Finally, Rick led him back to the middle of the floor where two ropes were hanging from the bed frame. He began making quick use of his time and running the course, pain-inducing rope through his fingers as he quickly tied Adam's ankles separately onto each rope.

Where was the rope for the rest of my body?

That is when Adam realized... there were none. His legs were tied down.

As Adam lay there with my legs tied down, but his back still pinned to the carpet, Rick walked back over to him. Put his firm big foot against his face and hit me. Hard.

Adam felt the leftover burn from where his hand had hit him, and I was sure that there was a large red hand-print beginning to form. He loved it when Rick marked his property.

Soon Rick began lifting Adam's body into the air by tightening the grip. Once his 5'11 body was held up, he walked over to make sure that his cock would be perfect set with Adam's mouth.

Hmm, it seemed as though Adam was going to get ruthlessly face fucked today... and couldn't have been more excited.

His legs were spread a few feet apart in the air, giving Rick access to all of his hole. He was so ready to use all Adam's holes to jerk his cock off. Adam was ready to serve his purpose.

Rick walked back over with a rubber band in one hand, and a dildo on a stick in the other. Without uttering a word, he forced the dildo into Adam's mouth. He fucked his mouth with it until Rick saw the visible tears coming out of Adam's eyes, fighting for air. He then ripped it out of his mouth and grinned. He slapped Adam's pink cheeks with the hard cock and determined that it was wet enough to be forced into his ass. He then spread Adam's ass cheeks with his hands and gave my dripping ass a few harsh slaps.

"Oh, oh my FUCK, you're dripping for me... being my cock slave is a sweet job..."

Rick eased the eight-inch cock on the stick into Adam's ass, as he writhed in both pain and ecstasy. He gave it a few small thrusts further into Adam, who let out a few small screeches of pain. His ass felt so full, and it felt amazing.

Rick gave the cock one more shove into Adam's ass and made sure that all eight inches were engulfed in him. Rick left it there and ordered Adam not to let it fall out. Not so hard... my ass is very tight. But, the 3-foot stick made that task a bit more difficult.

Rick stepped back and gave Adam a kiss. Adam laid there like a sacrifice that you'd see in a movie. This time, his hole was filled and eyes were rolling back into his head. He felt his ass juices beginning to drip down his crotch and stomach.

The spit from Adam's face was beginning to drip down into his nose and over his eyes which made it hard to see what Rick had in store for him next... maybe that was a good thing.

All of a sudden, Adam felt the cold leather flogger whirling through the air ready to strike his pale skin. It struck and send a million small jolts of pain pulsing throughout his body. Adam smiled. It felt amazing!

Again, it struck Adam's back. It then moved towards his front and struck him over and over again on his stomach and chest.

"I was such a good pain bitch," Adam thought to himself. The feeling of red welts and bruises appearing all over his skin was euphoric. He adored this feeling, it made him complete.

Rick began to unzip his pants. Hell yes, Adam thought. Thank God, I need his cock. I needed to cum... his ass was begging for that.

Rick suddenly, and brutally, grasped Adam's red welt covered hips and shoved his large hard cock into his mouth. He used the leverage to force his whole cock into Adam's mouth so that his eyes were hitting his balls. He sighed out in relief and pleasure, which made Adam even more hungry for his cock.

Rick fucked his mouth brutally, and as Adam struggled to breathe, he was focused on the large cock in his ass not falling out with the forceful thrusts of his body into Adam's.

Over and over he pulled his cock out of Adam's mouth and stepped back to watch the sight of him gasping for air and spit rolling down Adam's face. He couldn't see, and breathe through his nose.

When Rick's cock was in Adam's mouth, fucking him, he felt the veins in his neck begin to pop out and his heart raced because he couldn't breathe any other way. He loved this feeling, and Rick. This would be scary if he didn't trust him. Adam knew he had his best interest at heart, and that he enjoyed using him like that, and swallowed his discomfort.

A minute later, Rick pulled his cock out of Adam's mouth again, and he walked away. At this point, the blood was rushing to his head and was losing sight (both literally and figuratively) of reality. A few moments later, he returned with another large cock on a stick and this time, he forced this one into my pussy.

Rick grabbed onto both of the drum sticks as Adam let out a scream of pleasure and began to fuck him with both at once. Adam was in heaven! Instantly, he felt muscles contract and mind going blank. Adam needed to cum, and begged to do so. Rick finally let him, and all at once, Adam let go. HIS mind went blank, like a good little BITCH. His ass and cock were both pulsing, and he felt the oncoming wetness appearing in his hole too.

Rick gave Adam's ass a few more slaps and praised him for being such a good cock whore.

Again, he grasped Adam's neck from behind and shoved his cock into his mouth. He wanted to cum, and Adam knew it. He was fucking his throat harder and deeper than ever before, and Adam couldn't control his body. He laid there limp and shaking as he fucked him until he finally came inside his mouth and let out a cry of pleasure.

Adam swallowed his cum first, and came up for air... he'd served his purpose. As Rick gave him a kiss on my hip and stroked his bruised ass, he thanked ADAM and told him he was a good little whore for him.

Adam smiled, knowing that he'd be rewarded next time Rick used his holes. However, at this moment, Adam relished in the pure bliss that had been forced upon him through cumming and his cock.

It felt so HOT... so painful, yet so right and so perfect.

Rick gently lowered Adam down, and he laid there with bloody ankles from where the rope had rubbed my skin raw, and a mixture of cum, spit, and sweat all over my face. Rick came over and rubbed my face clean as he was still panting in an effort to breathe deeply. He untied Adam's ankles and cleaned his cuts. he laid there in heaven as a used twink.

After a few more minutes of laying on the carpet, Adam finally got dressed and snatched up his backpack. This wasn't his first night dreaming of Rick... which meant he'd be used just like this in school... and I nearly couldn't handle the anticipation.

As Adam rushed downstairs thinking of him and closed his eyes, he felt Rick's fingers down his back and told him to get ready for what was to come today.

Adam's ass tightened, and he felt himself becoming wet again.

"See ya my little baby boy and cock slut," he whispered in Adam's ear as he kissed his forehead and Adam grabbed breakfast.