Rick entered inside the shower slowly while he smiled at Adam.

He waited in anticipation until Adam closed the curtains after that was done, Rick rubbed Adam's back while he licked the skinny boy's belly.

Adam turned his head facing up to the hot water raining down on them.

Fingering Rick's gorgeous wet hair as his outstanding tongue slicked along his belly. Adam lathered his body and Rick's exposed back with Head & Shoulders Old Spice shampoo.

"Jesus fucking Christ Sir- blow me please, please blow me!" Adam begged as the steam filled the room.

Rick smiled at Adam while he started to suck Adam's nipples hard and he started to rub Adam's butt.

He rubbed Adam's butt hole with his index finger.

Your body's too fucking hot Toy."

Rick bit Adam's nipples softly while he grabbed the shampoo bottle and he started to rub the soap onto Adam's back.

Adam felt turned on the the F degree knowing that his gorgeous boyfriend is using his body in the ways he'd fantasied about so much. Sweet how Rick knew he'd often pleasured himself thinking about all the wonderful things he wanted to share with him. Gladly his reflection briefly remind him that this happened after many semesters of bullying and dirty teasing.

As Adam was goading Rick, he didn't realize Rick had quickly rose from his knees and pulled him closer to his naked fresh body. So she was definitely giddy when he felt Rick's hard fingers pressing into his butt, but this turned into a shot of joy as he realized Rick was about to touch his nips again. How could Rick know it was his main erogenous zone that he most loved having played and that he fantasized so much about Rick taking him in this totally private and sensual space of his seemingly patrician calm house?

"I'm gonna cum on the wall," he murmured, as he felt Rick lower his lips onto his invitingly soft Hershey's Kiss drops.

This bites were deep, and brief, and much more teasing than the first kiss Rick gave.

Adam felt himself moaning as his passion grew for his boyfriend to take advantage of his swerving sanity.

He leaned forward so he was facing the wall, and looked back at Rick's lust filled eyes. They grinned as the water cooled.

Their mouths linked together in the fever that burnt between them.

Adam felt himself drifting with the pleasure and lust he felt, he couldn't help himself, high moans of satiated lust as he tasted Rick's great tongue.

Soon their tongues bounded into a passionate and uncaring torrent of lust across each others lips.

They tasted each others souls, and enjoyed all the male probing and conquest of each others bodies- Adam now wanted what he dreamed about most since he was thirteen.

"Fuck me into the wall Sir. You've no idea how much I've jacked off fir it!" he swore watching the drops run down the blue tiles, his hands flat on the wall.

"Okay Toy. I wanted to fuck your hot butt again."

Rick bit Adam's belly softly while he rubbed Adam's chest slowing and he made Adam turned slowly soon Rick could see Adam's butt in front of him.

He slowly started to invade Adam's butt with his hard cock lubed with conditioner.

"Show me that hot butt of your's little Toy."

"P-play with me HARD!" Adam groaned, closing his eyes to the piercing but intense probing of Rick's cock.

Rick soon started to fuck Adam's butt hard while he started to rub Adam's nipples.

He softly bit into Adam's back and he also kissed Adam's left shoulder briefly.

"Your butt is very hot and sexy Toy."

"Hammer Jack me like fuck Sir!" Adam pleaded, taking every thrust of Rick's cock with moans and laughter.

"Why are you laughing little Toy?"

Rick bit Adam's back softly while he fucked Adam's butt fast and hard.

Fingers clenched on his lover's cheeks, he moaned loud and he soon started to cum a lot inside Adam's butt.

"So hot your butt little Toy."

Rick rubbed the soap on Adam's belly.

"I love how you fuck me, it's so good!" Adam replied, relishing in the fresh spurt of cum Rick made in his butt.

Cupping his boyfriend's face, Adam kissed Rick while the soap spread over their torsos the closer they stood.

"Let's dry off Sir- I'm down for some cuddling now," Adam said adding a light bite on Rick's chin.

"Okay little Toy-and I love your cute butt too."

Rick bit Adam's neck softly while he started to wash his torsos.

He hugged Adam while he rubbed Adam's belly. Rick played with Adam's nipples softly as he hummed a song into his right ear.

"You're very cute and nice little Toy."

Rick sucked Adam's back hard while he tickled the boy's armpits.

"I like you a lot Toy. Do you like me?"

"Like? I LOVE you dude!" Adam replied trying to hold back pleasure moans as he turned the water off.

Turning to face Rick, he licked his lips up to his nose and kissed the tip of it.

"I've crushed on you since 6th grade dude... spied on you a few times too..." he confessed blushing as they dried each other off with a pair of blue towels.

Rick dried Adam's body slowly and he kissed Adam's neck while he rubbed Adam's butt.

"Really Toy? Did you spy me? Did you see my cock sometimes?"

Rick dried Adam's butt slowly and he kissed along the length of Adam's back.

He was very excited and horny after the shower and he was liking a lot to see Adam in front of him.

Rick started to tickle Adam's armpits harder and he kissed Adam's arms as well.

Adam giggled at every one of Rick's physical ministrations, wondering if they'd ever make it back to the bedroom.

"In the boys room and showers...you had the cutest cock in the whole class," he whispered into Rick's left ear before grabbing at his flopping meet to emphasize the point.

"C'mon Sir, let's put on a flick, have some booze and cuddle." Adam said pulling Rick along. They dash back to the bedroom naked.

Rick ran to Adam's bedroom while he rubbed Adam's back.

"You can't see other dicks now toy. You only can touch my cock. Did you understand it Toy?"

Soon Rick arrived at Adam's bedroom and he kissed Adam's chest. "You're very hot Toy. Are you happy to be my Toy?"

Adam nodded 'I've wanted to be yours for too long!" He kissed Rick again.

"Wanna go out on dates with you, chill together weekends and make out wherever we can," he breathed into his boyfriend's neck.

"That's great little Toy. We can have a lot fun together."

Rick licked Adam's neck and he rubbed Adam's butt. Rick rubbed Adam's butt hole with his two fingers of his right hand.

Adam giggled at the sensation and slapped Rick's right butt cheek in return.

"Let's hit the sack dude, want you to fuck me till we both black out." Adam said beckoning Rick with a curved finger.

"Yes I will fuck your butt, Toy. Let's me see your cute butt again."

Rick continued to rub Adam's butt hole and he licked Adam's nipples. He rubbed Adam's armpits with his strong hands while he kissed Adam's chest.

Adam laid back on the bed and while talking with Rick started to rub his legs and cock.

Then when Rick neared the bed to get close and comfortable, Adam bent his ass up, his rose bud showing, and he couldn't believe his eyes as he looked into Rick's, he had no clothes on, his beautiful strong wonder of a cock was hanging there swaying with his motion, Adam sure he was rocking it deliberately.

"Get slick for me again Sir, fuck me into black!" Adam almost commanded.

Rick started to fuck Adam's butt slowly in the start and he rubbed Rick's belly. Rick kissed Adam's belly six times.

Here we go again I couldn't believe I'm naked again and had a beat so hard I had to grab the pillow so deep, Rick's meat rode up my thighs showing so much leg.

Adam knew Rick was looking down his body again, this time getting an excellent video-style view. Adam was teasing him as he kept bent over longer than he needed to, for Rick to get a good look at him writhing. Adam was gently swaying as well. Knowing he was going too far but just couldn't stop himself. At least his parents were out, so nothing else would happen.

Then Adam said, "I want to go on and hard for about half an hour, is that okay, will you stay tonight Babe?"

Oh yes, he's almost done with me, but I'm sure I can find a way to keep him till dawn.

"I thought you wanted it hard toy."

Rick started to fuck Adam's butt more slow and he fingered Adam's belly button hard.

"You know how to turn me into mush... aww fuck!" Adam squirmed at the ripples of hard pleasure on those two erogenous zones.

Oh my God, what did I just say? How can I take it, did he know I was going to let him pound more of me deep and maybe more than just bite me? I'd got myself into a fucking orgy come true. I'd been flirting and teasing my bully, but now my safety-net was gone, what would he do?

Damn what will my folks say? Can we get condoms for you both before we go? "No," I'd say, but Matt said, "Yes please Mum."

When Rick went down on his love, Adam got bold and looked into his eyes and said, "I wanna feel you blow now." He wasn't asking or pleading he was demanding.

Adam rose up partly towards him and whispered in Rick's ear, "Go on Sonny Boy, nobody would even know."

Adam wondered where this would end and was bothered. He'd been flirting and teasing him, but this was getting out of hand, and he was transfixed because it was his dream. He was alone with him and sure he'd be able to control Rick, or more worryingly himself.

"Come on Rick, just a quick feel, like before. Please?" Begging, eyes like a puppy dog, Adam sure he knew what he was doing, the look he was giving Rick, almost tempting Adam to let him feel his cock.

Adam took a moment to think, and then wondering if he was doing the right thing said.

"Okay, but your hands inside my hole."

Lying limp in surrender, floating on air to the stream of cum that will flood him up.

Rick smiled at Adam's while he started to fuck Adam's butt more fast and hard. Rick continued to finger Adam's belly button.

"Do you want it Toy? Do you want my cum inside your cute butt?"

Rick moaned loud. He was a lot horny and excited. He wanted a lot to cum inside Adam's butt.

Rick rubbed Adam's balls while he fucked Adam's butt fast and hard.

"Own me, claim me!" Adam shouted as he bit and licked the right side of his boyfriend's neck. He was gonna award Rick one Hell of a hickey this night.

"M-m-m-m GNOWWw Babe, gimme it now!" His ass waiting for Rick's juice to come pouring in.

Rick came a lot inside Adam's butt. He loved the epic euphoria to cum inside Adam's butt. Rick continued to finger Adam's belly button.

"Your ass is very hot and sexy Toy. Do you like my cum?"

Rick bit Adam's belly softly while he fingered Adam's belly button fast.

"I'll never get tired of your cum," Adam replied licking what he rubbed off his chest, Rick's jizz just as tasty as before.

It was 8 PM and Adam nestled himself into Rick's embrace while he kissed him lightly and traced the curves of his boyfriend's abs.

Rick's prodding at his belly button made him laugh again.

"You like MTV? I wanna fall asleep knowin' you'll be there when I wake up."

Adam looked at Rick eagerly, pulling the blue bed sheet over their nude bodies.

"Yes I like MTV a lot. I'll sleep here toy and I'll stay here a lot if our parents let me."

Rick lied on the bed near Adam and he kissed Adam's neck.

He put his arms around Adam's neck and his left hand on Adam's chest while he rubbed Adam's nipples slowly.

"Do you understand that you're really my Toy now?"

Rick was liking the thrill to have Adam on his arms. Rick liked Adam's body even more now.

Adam smiled into Rick's chest. "I'm your Toy and your my babe, I want-will be yours...long as you want," he wrapped an arm around his boyfriend's waist.

The sheets and air filled with the scent of sex as Adam's eye lids became heavy and he passed out grinning.

Rick slept soon with Adam's head on his chest. In the morning Rick tried to awake Adam's with a kiss on Adam's neck.

He was excited again with Adam's near him. Rick slowly started to rub Adam's belly.

The growling from his stomach obvious that he was a bit hungry and he was hungry for Adam's body and also a snack.

Adam smiled and giggled to his boyfriend's way of waking him. The sunlight just flooded in through the window shades as he kissed Rick back.

"Morning Babe," he heard Rick's stomach growl- he also had cravings too.

"After we've had fun... how about pancakes with bacon?" Adam asked before kissing his love again, adding a grope to his Morning Wood.