(Opening music and credits. As Gerry comes out, the audience cheers and shouts "Gerry! Gerry!" They eventually calm down.)

Gerry—My guest today says that she has been cruelly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.


However, she has a little surprise for them!


Please welcome Cinderella!

(Applause, as she comes out. She's wearing a dirty dress, and is barefooted.)

Hi, Cindy!

Cindy—Hi, Gerry!

Gerry—OK, tell me about your life.

Cindy—My mom died in childbirth, so my dad raised me. He was the best father a girl could have!


Ten years ago, he remarried. Five years ago, he died, so my stepmother now raises me. They treat me like I'm. . . a servient!


Gerry—Give me some examples of this.

Cindy—I have to keep the house clean, cook all their food, and sew their clothes. When they go out, I have to bath them and help them put their clothes on. When they return, I have to help them take their clothes off and rub their backs and feet!


Gerry—I understand there was a ball at the castle that you weren't allowed to attend.

Cindy—That's right, Gerry. It was to help the prince choose a princess. But my stepmother said I couldn't go!

(She starts crying. The audience is sympathetic.)

Gerry—OK, I think it's time to meet them. Here is Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters Rosa, Druella, and Bettina!

(Boos, as they come out. They make threatening gestures at Cindy, but bodyguards lead them to their seats.)

Hi, Rosa.

Rosa-Hi, Gerry.

Gerry—Your stepsister says that you don't treat her very well. How do you respond to that?

Rosa—Cindy doesn't know how well she has it!


Well, she doesn't! After Ralph died, I could've just given her up. But out of the goodness of my heart, I decided to keep her. And this is the thanks that I get!

(More boos.)

Gerry—Do you love your daughters more than your stepdaughter?

Rosa—Of course! They're my flesh and blood.


Gerry—Now, Cindy says that you refused to let her go to the royal ball that was recently held.

Rosa—I just felt that she wasn't pretty enough for it.


Gerry—Well, let's take a little poll on that. OK, how many of you think that Druella is beautiful?

(Lukewarm response.)

And how many of you think that Bettina is beautiful?

(Again, little response.)

Now, how many of you think Cinderella is beautiful?

(Cheers and applause. Rosa shakes her head.)

Rosa—Aa, they don't know any better!

(Boos and jeers.)

Gerry—We'll be right back.

(After the break.)

Gerry-We're back with Cinderella and her stepmother and stepsister. At the beginning of the show, I mentioned that you have a little surprise. Is that right, Cindy?

Cindy-That's right, Gerry. I went to that ball!

(Rosa and her daughters are shocked. The audience cheers.)

Gerry-And how did you manage that?

Cindy-My fairy godmother helped me. She gave me a dress, glass slippers, a coach and horse, and a coachman, and I went to the ball.

Rosa-In your dreams, sweetie!

Gerry-As a matter of fact, I have someone backstage who went to meet you, Cindy-and he has something for you. Please welcome Prince Charming!

(Cheers. The prince comes out with his entourage. He stares wondrously at Cinderella.

Prince-You ARE the princess I met at the ball!

Cindy-Yes, my prince!

Prince-I believe you lost this, while leaving.

(She is presented with a transparent shoe, but Rosa intercedes.)

Rosa-It so happens that my two daughters also lost their shoes at the ball-didn't you, girls?

(They quickly kick their shoes off. First, Druella tries it on, then Bettina. But their feet are way too big for the shoe. Then Cindy tries it on; it fits perfectly. The audience goes wild. From a pocket in her dress, Cindy pulls out the other shoe and gives it to the prince. He puts it on her other foot.)

Prince-It IS you!


Prince-Princess Cinderella, will you marry me?


(They hug and kiss.)

Princes-What would you like to do with your stepmother and stepsisters?

Cindy-Banish them to the farthest part of the kingdom!

(The audience cheers. The women are forced out of their chairs and off the stage by the prince's troops.)

Gerry-We'll be right back.

(After the break. Cinderella and the princes are sitting together with their arms around each other.

Gerry-Let this be lesson to all parents out there. You get involved with someone who has kids, and you marry them. These kids are now yours, and you must love them with the same love you would show for your own children-no ifs, ands or buts! See you next time!

(Music and closing credits. The audience cheers and chants, "Gerry! Gerry!")