Chapter 4

Despite the no-show at the manager's picnic, Ursula received her promotion the following Monday.

Ted didn't see as much of Ursula as she was in a different part of the building working with Gloria and he was busy hiring and breaking in a new Office Manager replacement.

They'd run into each other at manager meetings and of course Ursula was eternally grateful to Ted for recommending her for the job so they remained friendly but Ted resisted the urge to ask Ursula out, concerned about the optics and not sure if she'd be interested given her challenging past.

Several weeks passed and an usually hot late August heat wave socked the area with temperatures well above 90 for four straight days.

Ted was walking through the aisles of Fontaine's Family Grocery Store on a sweltering Saturday afternoon when his eyes caught sight of a woman from behind. She was wearing short shorts that barely covered her backside and her long black hair was swinging off her shoulders and Ted was transfixed by the womanly figure although he couldn't help but feel embarrassingly perverted for reacting like an oversexed sexist hormonally challenged adolescent gawking at such a breathtaking image.

It wasn't until the woman turned the corner ahead of him to go down an aisle that Ted realized that he was staring at Ursula. He laughed out loud at his foolishness, but he was struck by the reality that it was the first time he'd seen her looking so unusually casual and carefree.

He followed her around the corner and saw her standing in front of the ice cream cooler searching for a particular flavor.

"Ursula!" Ted said with amazement.

She turned her head and saw him staring at her. "Oh, Hi Ted," she said, slightly embarrassed to be caught in her short shorts and a flimsy halter top. "I sneaked out for some ice cream. It's so frigin' hot. I had an urge."

"What kind?" Ted wondered.

"I'm thinking Fudge Swirl," she decided, opening the cooler door and retrieving a carton of Friendlys. She glanced at him. "What were you getting?"

Ted completely forgot what he was doing in the store.

"Hey, you want to share?" She asked, holding up the carton.

"Your place?" He asked hopefully.

"No way," she said. "My kids will devour it."

"Want to sneak over to my place for a minute?"

"Okay," she grinned.

Ursula followed Ted to the express checkout lane and she let him pay for the ice cream. He handed her the plastic bag with the purchase and she walked with him outside into the oppressive heat. He pointed to his car in the lot.

"Follow me," he said.

Ursula laughed as she headed for her car. Ted waited for her and he watched as she followed him the few blocks to his neighborhood and she pulled her car into the driveway behind his.

"How come you don't live up on the hill or down by the river like all the other senior managers?" She wanted to know when they met in the driveway of the modest home.

"I didn't feel the need to spurge for image's sake," He replied as he led her into the house.

"Just spoons," Ursula said when they entered the kitchen and she saw him opening the cupboard for bowls.

He dug out two spoons from a drawer as she took the carton of Fudge Swirl out of the plastic bag and peeled off the top.

"It's even hot in here," Ted said, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. "The air conditioner can't keep up."

"That's so not funny," Ursula complained as he handed her one of the spoons

"It's so hot I saw a fire hydrant chasing a dog," Ted mused as he stuck his spoon into the ice cream to retrieve a bite as they stood together in the middle of the kitchen, her holding the carton in one hand and digging a scoop out with the spoon in her other hand.

"That's pretty funny," Ursula smirked as she scooped another glob of ice cream into her mouth.

But because she had been laughing some of it dripped down her chin and Ted used his spoon to scrape it off of her face and ate it himself.

"Hey!" She protested. "No fair."

"Don't worry, we have the whole carton," Ted grinned.

Ursula smirked as she purposely missed her mouth and Ted watched with surprise as the glob dropped down the top of her cleavage.

"Oopsie," she laughed.

"I bet that cooled you off," Ted deadpanned.

She took another scoop and this time she rubbed it across her bare midriff, enough so that it filled her navel. "Are you getting the idea?" She wanted to know.

Ted dropped to his knees, put his hands on her hips and he licked the ice cream out of her bellybutton and off of her tummy.

"That's the idea," Ursula murmured, dropping her head back and arching her back before taking another scoop of ice cream on her spoon and dumping it down her halter top.

Ted stood and stuffed his face between her breasts to scoop out the ice cream with his tongue and lips from inside the halter top, tasting the distinct mixture of her perspiration with the Fudge Swirl.

"Oh my," Ursula whimpered as she turned from him and leaned against the counter to catch her breath.

Ted again dropped to his knees and he pulled down her short shorts from behind to expose her lovely backside which he had so excitedly wanted to see from the moment he saw her swinging her hips inside Fontaine's Family Grocery Store.

She was a forty-one year old divorced single mom but all he saw was an amazingly sexy woman.

Ursula had put the carton of ice cream on the counter top and she was using both her hands to steady herself by holding onto the counter edge. Ted stuck his hand into the ice cream, scooped out a glob and smeared it across her ass and then up and down, and it began to trickle down her ass crack as he leaned in and began to lick it off of her buns.

"Holy cow," Ursula moaned as she swayed her hips to his touches.

When he was done literally licking her ass, Ursula was bold enough to turn and face him and he scooped out another wad of ice cream from the carton and he stuffed it between her legs, causing her to yelp and jump.

Ted stuffed his face into her ice cream covered pubic hair and he felt her fingers moving through his sweaty hair as his tongue went right where she wanted it to go. Ted reached his hands up behind her and rubbed her sticky backside, pulling her into his face as he continued to please her with his tongue.

Ursula began to twitch and gasp and she seemed to melt almost as fast as the ice cream as her knees buckled from the sensations she was feeling, the cold ice cream mixing with his warm tongue in her channel.

When she finally orgasmed, Ursula slid to the floor and she lay sprawled on the linoleum trying to catch her breath as her skin glistened with her perspiration. Ted grabbed the ice cream carton and lay down next to her, taking a few more bites of Fudge Swirl, this time using one of the spoons.

When Ursula had recovered she sat up and unfastened Ted's shorts and yanked them down his legs, taking his underwear with them. His penis popped up and Ursula stuck her hand into the ice cream carton and she used it to paste his member with the substance before she unfastened her halter top and threw it aside, leaning over and rubbing her breasts along his erection to further melt the ice cream

Ted didn't last very long. It had been a while since he had experienced a sexual interaction, never mind something as erotic as this kitchen gathering. Soon his ejaculation was mixing with the Fudge Swirl and Ursula did her part to clean up both before lying on top of him and kissing him, slipping her ice cream covered tongue into his mouth.

"I thought I was too old for this," Ted said breathlessly.

"You're never too old, Ted," Ursula assured him.

They lay together on the floor for a long time, Ursula staying on top of him and for a moment he thought she had fallen asleep.

"You were wrong," Ursula let him know.

"About what?" He asked.

She lifted up her head and looked into his eyes. "Time can stop."

He smiled and lifted up his head to kiss her. "I understand everything about you now, Ursula."

"I want to be part of your jump shot for the rest of my life," she let him know.

"I'm in," Ted smiled, leaning over and kissing her.