Hello, my readers. I'm sure you've noticed I can't update my stories consistently to save my life. I'm truly sorry for that. I don't have an excuse for that, so I'm not going to make one.

I am, however, in the process of rewriting stories. Flames of Rain will not return to this platform, I will be continuing the rewrite of it on Dreame . com, instead. Mates is also under heavy revision, and will be taken down and reposted when I'm caught up. Silver Circle of Life is being taken down as well, I lost interest in it and it's just not good at all. I'm no good at writing fiction that doesn't involve fantasy. Not So Normal School is also under heavy revisions, I'm not sure when that will be reposted.

I'm not sure if this is the news you want or care for, but I felt it imperative to give you all an update before just yanking everything down by its hair.

I'll be back soon with the revisions, so stay tuned. My writing is no longer as shitty as it previously was.