The Florida sky was so beautiful and crystal clear, no stormy cloud in site, the air smelled so crisp and fresh, the birds was singing like there's no care in the world.

Ciara Waters liked to see the beauty in the world, the goodness, and purity. But not all is right in this world, Ciara will be the first to admit that this world is not perfect, there is some flaws, but what doesn't? But there's also some good, it's just hard to see it at times. She always liked to try to see the good in people, but the truth is in some people there is no good at all, just an empty black hole. But she always tried to see the bright side of life, even when her parents got into a plane crash, she always told herself, 'tomorrow is another day'

Ciara just sat down pleased with her work she just got finished.

"Now, time for food" she said to herself before taking a huge bite of her lunch.

Ciara worked as a mechanic, and she loved every minute of it. She became a mechanic for two reasons. One, she was told that a woman couldn't do the job, so she decided to prove them wrong, and boy, did she, she swears she can do the job better than any man could. Must do something to men's ego knowing that a woman was just has good, if not better at the job than any man. Two, her father was a mechanic as well. Her father used to restore old cars, so in away Ciara is continuing her father's dream, and it brings her closer to her father somehow.

"Hey Ciara" she turned to see Tom Rogers, the owner of the garage and her boss and friend.

"Yeah?" She Asked.

Tom was an overly obese guy, he weighed over 150 lbs. But ignore the fact how big he was, get right down to it he's actually a decent guy. One time him and Ciara went out for lunch. Tom ordered five Big Macs, two chicken sandwiches and finished it all. He ordered five more big Macs for the road, when he saw someone standing on the side of the road with a sign. The man was obviously down on luck, and had nowhere else to go. Tom bless his big heart, walked over to that man and gave him his five big Macs. Tom also works at a soup kitchen in his free time. It just goes to show, you could never judge a book by its cover, but by what you read inside.

"So what do you need Tom?" She asked.

"For you to go out with me"

Ciara laughed "Maybe if you were the last man on the planet"

"OK, I'll just have to kill everyone in the world then"

They laughed. It was a joke of theirs. He knew she didn't mean a word of it. She didn't think of Tom in that way, and he knew, but she did have a sneaky suspicion that he had a crush on her. But he hasn't acted on it so it's fine.

"The guy that you've been dating for a month or two came in for a visit" Said Tom, looking as if he smelled something sour.

She grimaced. "Tell him to go away, I'm not here, that I had my lady issue and had to go home"

"That is what I would normally say, but he kinda sorta saw you"

"Great" she moaned pushing her food away, she suddenly lost her appetite.

"I thought that you liked the guy" Tom asked, tone curious.

"I did, until I found him in bed with his stepsister" she said bitterly.


"Do you think he'll go away if I just ignore him?"

"No, he's been here for two hours now"

"Wow, stalker much?"

Well she supposes she should just get this over with, it's like ripping off a Band-Aid, do it quick and fast. She supposes she doesn't need to eat lunch to day.

"I'm sorry" Said Tom.

"Don't be" She waved her hand dismissively in the air "It's not that i was falling in love with him"

"So why do you look like that you want to murder him, and barry him in your backyard?"

"Because he pissed me off"

"Is that all?"


Tom raised a eyebrow "If you say so"

Ciara doesn't want to admit it, but it hurts a little bit, and then she thinks back to what she found that one day when she decided to drop in for a little visit, and found her now ex and his step sister getting it on the couch, then she gets all pissed off all over again. The moral of the story is always knock before you enter someone's house.

"Time to rip off the Band-Aid" She said padding Tom on his shoulder as she passed.

"Just for the record, there's something wrong with that man to do that to a beauty like you" Tom called after her.

She smiled.

She made her way to the office wear sure enough, Joe was waiting for her. Joe was a tall, fit man. Not so great looking, but his smile made up for it. Ciara wasn't into looks, it's the inside that counts, and it doesn't really matter one's past, it's what that person does with the present is what matters. But this man was a stain.

Joe got to his feet when she entered the room. He handed her a dozen red roses. As if that would make her forget the whole thing, like that would be the end of it.

"Thank you" She said coldly taking the roses.

"Their your favorite, right?" He smiled.

She hummed "Their beautiful, but they're not my favorite, Nightshade is my favorite"

His smile faded "But, isn't Nightshade poisonous?"

"Yea, they are, and tasteless if you put them in food"

Joe took a step back.

In truth daffodils was her favorite flower, but the look on his face was so fucking funny. He never did get her sense of humor.

"So about Mary" Joe said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

"What about Mary?"

"She was leaving, we had a thing Once, it was just a goodbye"

"Oh, it was just a goodbye, well that just makes it all better now doesn't it?"

She really wanted to slap this man. She wonders if he would press charges if she did, but even if she did slap him and he did press charges it would be worth it, wouldn't be the first time.

"It's true" he insisted.

Ciara leaned forward. "Bull shit!"

Pushing the roses into his arms, she started to turn and walk away, when he grabbed her arm "I love you, you, and you only"

She faced him "How many women fell for that one?"

"It's true"

"And your sister?"

"Shes not my sister, not by blood"

"Oh, like that make's it OK!"

"I do love you!"

She scoffed "Right"

"I do. I'll never do this to you again. Please you have to believe me!" He pleated practically in tears.

'Wow this man was pathetic' she thought.

"Lose my number" She pulled her arm free "And forget that you saw my face" Turning on her heel she walked away without a second glance.