Ciara went back to her old life. For a while she enjoyed it, after a week or two she found herself bored. Sunniva and Amaris didn't go back of being her cats, instead they were now her roommates. They still decided to guard her, which Ciara didn't really mind, Even though she told them they were free, They still decided to protect her.

Amaris didn't stay long, she went to see the world. Ciara thought it was Unfair for them to put their dreams on hold. So she pretty much Ordered her to go see the world, though, didn't need much convincing. Sunniva was sad to see her sister go, but Ciara told her it was for the best. They get regularly letters and phone calls from Amaris Everyday explaining about Whatever part of the world she happened to be in that day.

In February 29th Tamra and Keith got married. Ciara was quite happy for her sister, she knew all along that it was going to end that way. A year later they discovered they were expecting. In March 12th Tamra gave birth to twin girls, Unmada and Storma. And two years later Tamra gave birth to a boy, Aquarius. Tamra and Keith was doing well and quite happy.

Kenai and Sunniva finally succumbed to their feelings, they too are living happily, in Ciara's house. All was well, all was happy. Everyone who should be here was here, all except one, one person was missing, and perhaps just as important. Ciara was happy for everyone she loved, but she feels like someone was missing from time to time. Vesper was always on her mind.

The rain fell, night turned into day, The grass grows, flowers bloom, And still the one person that should be here but wasn't crossed her mind every single day.

Before she knew it 5 years past, and still no sign of Vesper. She got the message loud and clear. But her soul and heart still carried a Flame for him.

"Hey." Said Tamra. "You with me?"

"Yeah I'm with you." She said.

They were at a park. It was Unmada's and Storma's 5th birthday. Ciara and Tamra were swinging on the swings. Keith was playing with their two-year-old son. Zephyra was sitting by Ciara. It was a simple birthday party, just close friends and family. Sunniva, Kenai and Amaris was invited of course.

"Strawberry, I know your thinking about him." Said Tamra. "Sunniva said that he's nowhere to be found, she said it's like he disappeared."

"He don't want to be found." Said Ciara quietly. She patted Zephyra gently.

"It's been five years, you still love him?" She didn't answer. Tamra nodded her head. Yes she did, But what did that matter?

Another year, nothing.


She was at a park, sitting on a bench, reading a book. And again her thoughts wandered to Vesper. Perhaps he's not coming back, it's probably for the best. She probably couldn't handle his ego anyway. Vesper kidnapped her, recked her favorite thing in this world, Kiss's her, promises her that he will follow after, then decided to leave her high and dry. Who needs him, that jerk. Who was she kidding?

"Hey come here often?" Asked a man.

"Not interested." She said, not looking up from her book. Something pulled at her memory at the sound of the man's voice, But she shredded it off as her imagination and wishful thinking.

"Why? don't want to roll in the hay?"

"Bite me."

" just Tell me where."

"Your a dick."

"Thanks, It's an art." She stopped reading.

Her voice got caught in her throat. For a moment she couldn't breathe. "Where the sun don't shine." She said after a moment.

"Nah, I think I'll pass."

She looked up. Vesper stood in front of her, his hands in his pockets. He was wearing his usual eyepatch. A little more beard stubble than she remembered.

"I meant on you." She said.

He Crouch down in front of her. He smiled. "Are you going to hit me in the head with that book?" He asked.

"I might."

"Why not? you punched me in the face, hit me with your elbow, hit me with a chair, and threw a frying pan at me, so why not a book?"

"And you kidnapped me, and ran my car into a tree."

"Yes I did." He said proudly as if it was a proud achievement.

"I'm going to kick your ass."

"If I'm going to get my ass kicked it might as well be by you."

She closed The distance between them and Pressed her lips against his. Oh she was Pissed off, for now she'll put her anger aside. She slid off the bench to her knees, holding him close, Her book falling to the ground and lay there forgotten. Vesper returned her embrace. She Placed a her forhead against his.

"What took you so long you fucking ass?" She asked.

"Honestly, I have no idea."

"Your going to pay for making me wait."

"I know." he Chuckled as he got to his feet, pulling her along with him. "Spicy, you cut your hair, I like it, although you're beautiful either way."

"Flattery won't get you out of hot water." She said.

"I wouldn't think any less of you. Let's go, Spicy." He held out his hand, she took it without a moment's thought. "Did you think i wouldn't come back?"

"It's been 6 fucking years!" She Said after she picked up her book from the ground.

"Oh, I don't know if this is going to work, you're kind of cleaning."

"Fucker." She leaned her head against his shoulder as they walked. His arm around her waist.


They both knew The bad horrible choice of language was their way of saying 'I missed you' and that 'I love you.'

Now it's truly over. But it doesn't mean it's the end of the story, the truth was the story never really ends, not as long as there are those who will tell it, and won't forget it.

The end.