Why didn't you die?

So I always have so many dreams that can be considered into the very weird or even the "dark" category of dreams. Dreams are always a reflection of your feelings, and mine are no exception to that.

Anyways, one night when I went to sleep, I started to have a dream, but woke up a few hours later from it. It took me another hour or two to fall asleep again, since I still have trouble sleeping after all these years, probably due to overthinking and stress. Once I fell asleep, I was off to dreamland.

My dream started off pretty normal in which I was in a mall with some people I knew or well at least seen in real life. I started walking around with my phone in my hand. Every time I have a phone in my dreams, I always check it to see if I can obtain any information on what exactly is going on in the dream. It's a weird habit, but it's always interesting what conversations are on the phone and other things that can be reliable in the dream itself. Moving on, I noticed people from my elementary/middle school days. One guy, who was essentially my old crush/rival/friend from elementary/middle school, (Yeah, that's a lot of things to refer to him as) was actually staring me with a slight smile on his face. There was a shopping stand behind me, and he walked up to me. He got really close to me, while I was backing away from him, which led me to hit the shopping stand behind me. He was barely inches away from me, and I already knew what he was trying to do. His face moved closer to mine, and he placed his lips onto mine.

At first, I kissed back for a few seconds, but then realized that it didn't feel right to me at all. I mean I knew it was a dream, but for my own personal reasons, it felt wrong and off to me. So I put my hands onto his chest, and pushed him away from me. Our lips disconnected, and all he gave me was a smirk. He started saying a bunch of words to me, which the only things I could make out were that he was trying to set me up. All I thought was set me up for what? Was the kiss part of the set up? Nothing made any sense on why he wanted to either. My mind was too hazy to actually focus on what was going on at the moment. Plus my heart started to speed up from hearing those words, and panic appeared in me. I wanted to be away from him as far as possible, so I started to walk away from him in a fast pace. I took a glance back at him, to notice he started to follow me at the same pace. I turned back, and started to walk even faster. I looked at my phone again, and was trying to find someone to text or call for help in the dream, since I didn't know what exactly my old crush wanted from me. A feeling of dread filled me, and I decided to try to text my only guy best friend I have. Texting in a dream can be really hard to do, since it's hard to focus on one specific thing in the dream, and it could be kind of blurry to read. I tried to text my best guy friend, but I don't think it I did. So I was on my own, in this big mall packed with people whom didn't seem to care about a girl running away from a guy with a creepy smile plastered onto his face.

Back to running away, I was still trying to get away from him, while I was still hoping someone will save me. I ran through tons of people in the mall, but no one did anything for me. Though I did see my closest friend from elementary/middle school, she looked scared too. She started to run away with me, and he was going after both of us now. I wanted him away from her though, since well even if it was dream, and I haven't seen her in like six years now, I still didn't want to see her hurt. I don't want to see anyone I met that I was friends with or still friends with hurt in any dream, and definitely not reality. Eventually we ran outside, and all I saw was green, and another building that I ran away from. My closest friend ran off into the other building, while I ended up running between two buildings on a brown paved sidewalk. I looked back to notice he was still going after me, but he also had something in his hand this time. It was a long black stick with a curved blade at the end. My first thought was where the hell did he get that scythe?! Now I know for sure he wants to kill me, and I'm still not sure what the setup was for me.

I turn the corner between the buildings and stopped. There was a parking lot in front of me, and when I turned around, I notice there were a few tables with umbrellas and chairs scattered near them. A few people were also chatting away in some of the chairs scattered. This dream seems pretty normal with it being daylight out, but he appeared at the corner with the scythe residing in his hands. Now he had such a creepy smirk on his face, that this was some weird nightmare. He walked closer to me, until he got close enough and swung the scythe. I immediately grabbed the scythe in self-defense, considering I didn't want to die like this. I took out of his hands, and swung it myself, right into his heart. He moved back, and hit a wooden cart that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I suddenly felt very relieved, and thought that the nightmare was over. I told the people that were around that it was self-defense on my part, and was about to turn around, when I noticed he got back up. My only thought at this point was seriously?! I ran down the sidewalk next to the parking lot, and ran into someone sitting in a box. At this point the dream was really blurry, so I wasn't exactly sure what the person was saying. Then my vision went all white, and…

Well I woke up at this point, and just thought why didn't you die?!